10 modern menorahs for a truly enlightened Hanukkah celebration

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Adam Sandler might try to take credit for it, but it was the first-century historian Josephus who first called the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah the Festival of Lights. And let’s face it, no Hanukkah celebration is truly bright without a magnificent centerpiece: the candelabra known as the menorah.

Since biblical times, Jewish homes around the world have lit the eight flames of the menorah during Hanukkah to commemorate the dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem following a successful religious revolt in 164 BC. to illuminate the other eight, one night at a time). For this year’s holiday (November 28 – December 6), there is a modern menorah suitable for any design style. We have selected 10 remarkable pieces that will light up your festive table.

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COBRA Menorah, 9 Candles

With its mirror polished stainless steel finish and sleek modern design, Danish goldsmith Georg Jensen’s new Cobra Menorah is sure to become a Hanukkah classic.



Party planner Rebecca Gardner, the owner of Houses and Parties, had us tracing with this menorah made up of nine brass candle holders embedded in challah bread preserved from Fred’s Bakery in Los Angeles.


Menorah Judaica Bullseye

Jonathan Adler is the king of cute menorahs (other options include those shaped like a Mohawk, Dachshund, and Peacock). But we love the chic weight of this new bull’s eye version in solid Carrara white marble.


White marble menorah

This minimalist menorah features steel cups inlaid with white marble. To complete the look, go for the coordinating blue ombre candles (see next slide).


Menorah Blue Ombre candles, set of 45

Crate & Barrel’s blue shaded candles will add a chic touch to any menorah.



The Tiffany & Co. menorah is a marvel of American walnut and sterling silver, along with bursts of Tiffany blue inside the candle holders.


Via Maris Block Menorah at midnight in Nordstrom

This cobalt version of the classic menorah is made from heavyweight cast aluminum. Best of all: There’s a built-in storage compartment with room for 44 candles (enough for all eight nights of Chanukah).


Nosh Menorah, Chrome

Menorah Nosh takes its name from the Yiddish word for snack, not to mention the design worthy of a half-bagel.



The Rubbleorah is a new design from the Australian artists behind Rubble Workshop, who created it from aerated concrete or aerated concrete.


Menorah Grenada

Michael Aram’s centerpiece in gold tone, oxidized brass and granite is inspired by the pomegranate, an ancient symbol of life and renewal.


Hand Forged Iron Menorahs

This striking menorah, hand forged from iron by a Vermont blacksmith, is sure to become a family heirloom.

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