10 Ways Charlie Got Worse and Worse

Charlie Kelly was never the gold standard for how someone should function in society. In the first season alone, he was the kind of person who would fake cancer in an attempt to win the heart of a cafe waitress.

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Once Frank Reynolds entered the scene and Charlie’s house, his eccentricities only increased. He’s come a long way in the world given how he was brought into it, but Charlie seems to get worse before he gets better. That being said, the Season 15 finale hinted at potential inner growth for the character, though his progress soon returned to the same old same old’s desire at Paddy’s Pub.


Exploiting a Miracle in Season 2

The Gang Exploits A Miracle episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

To Charlie’s credit, he isn’t initially okay with selling a waterstain as the Virgin Mary in Season 2’s “The Gang Exploits a Miracle.” Even still, he eventually gets used to the idea and dresses like an evangelical preacher, dispensing blessings as he reclines on a pool table.

Ronald “Mac” McDonald has always been the religious of the gang, but even Charlie has a moment of religious enlightenment in the episode. He calls Mac how “good” a Christian he is, saying, “If you don’t already think you’re going to hell, you need to take a long hard look at yourself.” Charlie is familiar with morality, but then chooses to dress as an overzealous false prophet regardless.

Almost losing the bar in season 3

It is established in Season 2’s “The Gang Runs For Office” that Charlie is illiterate. Dennis reads an incomprehensible political campaign as the future Green Man speaks the words with a proud smile.

Charlie’s illiteracy isn’t entirely his fault, but he never made the effort to change it. He ends up setting the bar up as the prize for an endurance dance competition, and his reasoning, a great quote from Charlie Kelly: “I put it under the pride section.” Usually, his illiteracy only leads to silly moments, but “The Gang Dances Their Asses Off” proves that an inconvenience can be a quick game-changer.

Kidnapping and Huffing Glue in Season 4

Always Sunny Paddys Pub The Worst Bar

Before Charlie made the hilarious mistake of tying up a leprechaun, he did the same to restaurant and bar critic Fisher Stevens in “Paddy’s Pub: Philadelphia’s Worst Bar.”

Charlie is the only reason the gang as a whole is now responsible for a kidnapping. It wasn’t their first encounter with criminal behavior, such as burning down a Jewish man’s business, but kidnapping someone and holding them for positive ransom was a new legal low for the gang. If the gang were to be accused of being complicit, they would be right to point the finger at Charlie.

Become vengeful in season 5

At the end of Season 5’s fifth episode, “The Waitress Gets Married”, Charlie takes a box of hornets to Brad Fisher’s home. He is engaged to the waitress and Paddy’s ratcatcher is heartbroken.

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Charlie ends up leaving the hornet box with Fisher even though he finds out the latter’s plan was to date him, get engaged, and then dump all the jerky girls in high school. Leaving the box is dark for Charlie’s personality, but bringing it in in the first place is darker: he had to know that the waitress would most likely be present for the opening of the box.

Mugging Santa on a very sunny Christmas

it's always sunny christmas charlie santa claus

When Charlie and Mac share stories of their childhood Christmases, they both learn a little something about their upbringing. Mac learns that he and his parents would break into a series of people’s homes on Christmas morning and steal their presents.

Charlie, on the other hand, learns that his mother was and is a sex worker. She would bring in any number of men dressed as Santa Claus – and an elf – for a Christmas gathering, as long as they brought a toy for little Charlie. Coming to this realization, Charlie acts irrational and bites off Santa’s face in front of a mall filled with child-watchers.

Being extremely manipulative, twice, in Season 8

Always Sunny - Charlie and Dee find love

Dennis is the resident manipulator of Paddy’s Pub, but Charlie exhibits similar behavior twice during season 8. The first time is in the fourth season episode, “Charlie and Dee Find Love”. It is revealed that in addition to the episode cruel intentions– inspired by machinations, Charlie played his own game. He used the beautiful and rich Ruby Taft to win the heart of the waitress.

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There is also the eighth episode, “Charlie Rules the World”, where Charlie manipulates another woman. This time it’s to meet in person so he can distract her from a mutually enjoyed video game.

Spit on a room full of people in season 9

Somehow Charlie’s song in “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award” is filled with surprisingly deep depth. The weather is always good quote. The entire episode is a stand-in for the way the Emmys never gave Philadelphia is always sunny as much as a nomination, let alone a deserved win for its peak seasons, e.g. Season 5 and Season 7.

With a crowd of arrogant non-regulars around Paddy’s, Charlie’s song begins by talking about spiders and ends with “So I just wanna say to you all, fuck off! Waa-ah-ah fuck you !” They might not be the kindest words, and Charlie immediately spits on the watching humans, but at least they’re a valid response to a fifteen-year snub.

Drink boat fuel in season 11

It's always sunny in Philadelphia The gang is going to hell

Charlie and Frank weren’t the only reason Christian Cruise had trouble in “The Gang Goes to Hell” and “The Gang Goes to Hell: Part II,” but drinking the ship’s fuel certainly didn’t help. .

No member of the gang comes across so well in both parts, with Dee engaging in anger while Dennis engages in lust. However, even for men who eat cat food like Charlie and Frank, drinking boat fuel is a long way off.

Writing a Valentine for a Tapeworm in Season 12

Charlie and Frank in The Gang Tends Bar

Philadelphia is always sunny is one of the most watchable sitcoms of all time, if only for the way the characters treat each other. It’s never gender biased, but it can be quite sweet.

In “The Gang Tends Bar”, Dennis just wants his co-workers to actually work. Naturally, they mistakenly interpret it to be something else: Valentine’s Day. Each member of the gang shows a little love to the other. Mac gives Dennis a rocket launcher, Dee gives Charlie an unrequited Valentine’s Day card, and Frank gives himself a tapeworm. He does it to slim down for his roommate, but Charlie says it was all just a misunderstanding. Of course, that’s after he asked Dee to help him write a Valentine’s Day card, not for Frank, but for “Jerry,” Frank’s tapeworm.

Eat a rat in season 13

Charlie is superstitious, at least when it comes to sports. To be fair, most Phillies fans are a little superstitious, but the resident concierge at Paddy’s Pub takes things to a disgusting level.

His theory on how the Phillies can win the Super Bowl: wear green, drink yellow and eat brown. For green, of course, he has his Green Man suit, at least until Cricket sneaks out and takes Charlie’s place on the bus with the rest of the gang and guests, minus Dennis. For yellow, it’s obvious, but for brown, it’s less so. When he works to complete this aspect of the ritual, he is lucky: a rat runs past and Charlie eats it. It’s going about as well as the human digestive system would expect, and Charlie vomits up his new low.

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