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Having a courthouse wedding gives you the opportunity for an intimate ceremony with your immediate family. If you’re planning on getting married in a courthouse, here are some helpful tips to make your ceremony special.

1- Know your options for a courthouse wedding

There are many courthouse wedding options that are simple, quick and affordable. Some courthouses even hold regular wedding ceremonies on certain days of each month. There are three main types of courthouse marriages: civil, civil with a minister, and justice of the peace (JP). Civil courthouse weddings are the easiest and quickest option. Couples who marry in a courthouse can choose to have a justice of the peace, a qualified official who conducts the wedding ceremony without being affiliated with a religious institution. A JP marriage is not considered a legal marriage. You can add a minister for an additional fee for a more formal religious ceremony.

2- Choose beautiful comfortable dresses

Wedding dress are often the most expensive and complicated part of marriage. You have to be able to buy a unique, beautiful and comfortable dress. You can also add jewelry, a shawl or other accessories to make your dress stand out. If you are getting married in a courthouse and want to wear a traditional white dress, you can find little worn or lightly worn white dresses online or at thrift stores.

3- Invite your family members or closest friends

If you decide to have a courthouse wedding, keep the guest list as small as possible. Invite only your spouse, immediate family members and closest friends. You can also ask your best friends or a few close friends. This way, the ceremony feels intimate and unique. Having a courthouse wedding can help you take the stress out of planning a big event. If you decide to invite more people, a large courthouse wedding can be just as unique, especially if you personalize it. For example, you can ask friends and family who cannot attend your wedding at the private courthouse to attend a celebratory meeting afterwards.

4- Hire a photographer and videographer

If you want your courthouse wedding to be special, hire a photographer and videographer. If you don’t have a photographer or videographer in mind, you can search online for photographer and videographer services in your area. You can ask your friends or family members if they know anyone who can help you. If you cannot find photographers or videographers willing to work at a courthouse, you can ask your witnesses to take photos and videos during the ceremony. However, witnesses are not allowed to take photos or videos in most courthouses.

5- Plan a small reception

Host a small reception with your closest family and friends if you want to have a mini-celebration after your courthouse wedding. If you don’t have time for a traditional wedding reception after your courthouse wedding, consider hosting a low-key gathering with food and drink. You can also host a themed party or a mini weekend getaway for you and your spouse after your courthouse wedding. You can get creative with decorations and activities if you’re hosting a reception after your wedding at the courthouse.

an intimate wedding at the courthouse can be a great way to get married quickly and inexpensively. If you choose to have a courthouse wedding, make your ceremony special by keeping it simple and unique.

Jacob Maslow

Legal Scoops editor Jacob Maslow founded several online journals, including Daily Forex Report and Conservative Free Press.

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