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CHENNAI: The whole literature of the Sangam period is not only about love and war. This is not simple bardic flattery or religious mythology. What I was able to experience in Sangam was Stoicism, Cosmopolitanism, Meritocracy, Demerits of Meritocracy, Game Theory, Materialism, Minimalism, Political Theory, Neurolinguistics, the Evolution of Human Thought and more, ”says Deepak Bhushanam of Sangam Poems, a month-old Instagram-based creative company. The 30-year-old, accompanied by a team of artists, reinvented the words and verses of classic Tamiazh poems through spectacular works of art.

“As a third generation Tamizh growing up in Mumbai, I was drawn to Tamizh, its history, heritage, culture, arts and everything related to it. I had a deep desire to explore my roots, ”he recalls. Through his tenure at Freshworks as Head of South Asia, Deepak’s hunger only grew as he lived and worked with the global Tamizh Diaspora. “I have taken several courses and taken trips across the state to understand the myriad layers that have added value to Sangam literature,” he says.

Civilization connect
It was this admiration that inspired Sangam Poem’s first work, which was an interpretation of the emotion of romantic love. “I wanted our first art to be an invocation. Therefore, Yaayum Gnyaayum felt like a good choice. The genre of the poem is Kurinji, which is also a flower that the thalaivi or heroine wears (in the poem). I wanted to show the creative continuum that exists between the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) and the civilizations of South India. This is represented through the thalaivi’s jewelry, which was inspired by the popular Keezhadi gold pendant, engraved carnelians and glass beads, ”he informs.

The thalaivan (hero) also wears an armband inspired by an IVC ornament. “If you look comparatively, you can see that the design of the cuff will seem improvised with less complexity than the original. This was done on purpose to show how people altered or changed the art forms in the later phase. of IVC in the Indian megalithic iron age. I feel that the emotion of Sempla Peyaneer (Red Earth and Rainwater) is something different from the image of Yin Yang across cultures – the first is united, the second is unfortunately always shown to be separate. I expressed this through the story that accompanies the work of art, ”he explains.

Poetry on canvas
Sangam Poems’ vision is multiple. Dissolve the negativity around the arts, literature, history, heritage and culture, through creativity; to help a wider audience discover the creative sweetness of Sangam literature, highlight human behaviors or practices that continue from Sangam into the 21st century, explore solutions to modern problems using ideas from literature, and empower people ways to thrive, celebrate and own a piece of A 3,400 Year Legacy are just a few, says Deepak. From the depiction of the traditional sea-friendly coconut fillets, which are still used in parts of southern India, how the omen of the ‘crow’s croak’ signaled the arrival of guests into the Sangam Age – a belief that still endures today; a work of art, which is an ode to the poet who captured the complex emotions of family ties and friction, the complex cross-functional literacy that existed at that time, Sangam Poems captures the essence of classic poems, through illustrations detailed.

Each art has four layers that people can explore. Art has a central emotion or subject. Next, the creatives reflect on the overall art scene with the characters and sets. “We try to keep the authenticity. The third layer is the detail. Here, we bring back excavation objects related to the Sangam era… flora, fauna from a poem and use them creatively. Finally, I take the liberty through the storytelling to weave the three and add details that cannot fit into the above. For those stories that find a place in Instagram descriptions, I usually take inspiration from the commentators of Sangam literature. If they hadn’t added their creative input, then we would have lost a lot of color or we might have had a hard time appreciating the poems of classical Tamizh, ”he shares.

Currently, the company has been leveraging Instagram to showcase their artwork. The works are available as framed canvases, stretched cardboards, rolled canvases, notebooks, agendas, mugs, stickers and fridge magnets. Sangam-inspired clothing and fashion accessories are in the works. “We also work on illustrations for publishers and NGOs. We will be launching stickers, car accessories, fridge magnets and a 2022 calendar, ”he says. Products are sold from `250. For more details, visit Instagram @sangampoems or call: 8850905622

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