Alinity tries to expose Emiru on Twitch after finding a weird object: “What is it?”

Twitch star Alinity left Emiru’s chat hanging on every word after claiming she found a suspicious object in the room, but it turned out to be a lot less explicit than some make it out to be. had planned.

While streaming on January 16, Emiru was joined by her friend Alinity, who couldn’t believe what she was seeing sitting under her fellow streamer’s desk. For a moment, it looked like something potentially very private was about to go live.

“Oh my god, what’s that over there?” Alinity asked, causing Emiru to quickly explain that the item in question was definitely not what it appeared to be.

” It’s no ! It’s a headband! Emiru exclaimed, but when she brought him into view of the camera, the reason why Alinity was confused became perfectly clear.

Alinity finds a strange object in Emiru’s room.

The headgear as a whole is definitely meant to be part of a cosplay. Alinity has only seen part of it though – the part that definitely looks like something else.

“Ok yeah, just saw that part,” Alinity laughed, making her friend cringe even more in embarrassment.

“Dude are you serious? You think I just have this on the floor under my desk?” Emiru replied hiding his face, which under the circumstances no one could blame him.

Genshin Impact

How could Alinity think it was anything other than headgear?

As Emiru explained, this is actually to represent the headgear of Yanfei, a character from Genshin Impact.

“I kept watching for a while,” laughed Alinity, before trying it on. “It’s a blindfold though.”

If this teaches Alinity – and even viewers watching – one thing, it’s not to jump to conclusions. Luckily for Emiru, there was nothing to be embarrassed about when he came on camera, but instead created a really funny moment.

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