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Viewers and fans of The next American top model have seen thousands of photographs taken over the series’ nearly 20 years. Each cycle in each season has its own unique set of photoshoots in which the models compete for a chance to win the top prize at the end.

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Some of the photoshoots were fun and interesting, some confusing or problematic, and still others, downright dangerous. The series showcased the work ethic, patience, and ability of the models to snap a stunning photo despite being covered in paint, made up like a doll, or posing with hay bales in a country setting.

ten Season 4 – The 7 Deadly Sins

Split image showing Kahlen and Naima in the 7 Deadly Sins photoshoot during ANTM Cycle 4

In Episode 8 of Season Four, each of the remaining seven models was named one of the Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, and Pride. These are the seven vices that go against the heavenly virtues from Christian teachings and other religious teachings.

Kahlen’s portrayal of Wrath was particularly stunning with her snarling mouth and red and black outfit. Her pose was also severe. Her arm is placed firmly against the side of the coffin she is in, as if trying not to come out and devour the object of her anger. Naima’s rendition of Envy was also memorable, as she takes a subversive approach by channeling lust and lust into what she craves, instead of conveying the usual bitter and demanding tones one might think of.

9 Season 10 – The Sound of Music

Split image showing Whitney and Dominique as grunge and funk while filming musical genre in ANTM

Episode 6 of ANTMFrenzy season 10 saw the models participate in a photoshoot that brought out their inner musicians. Inspired by R&B, punk, grunge, pop, folk and more, the girls combined their love of fashion and modeling with the universal language of music.

Candidate Whitney’s portrayal of grunge was particularly striking, with her heavily applied black eye makeup contrasting against her shiny, long, straight blonde hair. Her pose, with one hand clutching her other forearm, is instantly recognizable as seen on the album covers of many grunge artists or in promotional material. Dominique’s imitation of the folk genre was also a favorite, as her conservative, down-to-earth outfit and hair was reminiscent of this type of music.

8 Season 5 – County Couture

Split Image Showing Nik and Nicole in Outdoor Photoshoot at ANTM Cycle 5

The third episode of Season 5 saw the models visit a beautiful countryside landscape for their photos. The geography includes mountainous terrain, centuries-old trees surrounded by fences, natural green grass, hay, and native wildflowers, as well as a horse in two of the girls’ shots. A light blue sky colors the background and contrasts with the mostly dark clothes of the girls.

Nik’s photo was particularly beautiful. The fullness of her hair spilling out of her top hat, as well as the angles of her pose and clothes (especially her jacket and skirt) made for a stunning photo. Her face sells photography as well, as she looks full of high class attitude. Nicole, the deserving winner of the ANTM season, is also remarkable: the softness of her face is a beautiful juxtaposition to the hard ground that surrounds her, and her natural-looking hair complements the authenticity of her natural surroundings.

7 Season 19 – Steampunk

Split Image Showing Brittany and Alyssa in Steampunk Photoshoot during ANTM Cycle 19

The Season 19 Episode 6 photo shoot involved the ever popular steampunk genre. Steampunk uses a retro-futuristic technological aesthetic inspired by the 19th century industrial steam machines of its day. It is both historical and scientific, which gives it endless fame.

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Brittany’s photo was magical, as she held the clock and gazed into the distance, and it made for an almost haunting image. Her all-black outfit, complemented by the embellishments of her jacket, completed her look. Allyssa’s ensemble was also stunning: the caramel highlights in her hair combined with the white lace blouse and black leather corset dress looked stunning and her makeup, the lace piece on her cheek and the bug brooch made it a highlight. perfect outfit.

6 Season 16 – Bees in the Trap

Split image showing Brittani and Monique in the bee photoshoot during ANTM cycle 16

The extreme photoshoot which featured bees and heavy bronze / gold jewelry on a pristine white background was one of the most notable of Season 16 (Episode 2). The whole episode dealt with themes related to extremes, so it was fitting for the girls to embark on a shoot of this caliber.

Brittani’s shot was extraordinary. Her straight, pulled back hair looked perfect with the bronze / gold headband and a stunning look. Her face and the way her eyes pierced and stung like the bees around her only added to her excellence. Monique was another great photo from the cycle. Her tall bronze / gold necklace, arched eyebrows and shiny blue lips were dazzling.

5 Season 14 – Shadows

Split image showing Krista and Alexandra in the shadows during ANTM cycle 14

Season 14 Episode 9 followed the models as they took a photoshoot in the shadows. Providing the stark contrast between light and dark makes for an unforgettable viewing experience.

Krista’s photo, totally black and white on a sterile white background, was the first call, and for good reason. The angular white patterns of light on her dark face emphasized her facial features and collarbone. The delicate aspect she gives to the distance is also a beautiful contrast to the rectangular light arrangements projected on her. Alexandra’s was also divine. The shadow pattern on his skin and his nude outfit, in conjunction with the green, rolling background and his gaze into the lens made him stand out.

4 Season 9 – The Models Garden

Split Image Showing Jenah and Janet in Flower Photoshoot during ANTM Cycle 9

The shoot for the flowers and plant life of Cycle 9, Episode 4 was plentiful and overflowing with beautiful photographs of the contestants.

The photo of Jenah, which was the first call of this episode, didn’t surprise anyone: her mossy / seaweed look, and with her posing intimately against the tree (much like the plant itself twists and circles around it). ‘a), as well as her hair and makeup, were incredibly shapely and enviable, proving why Athe next american top model is one of the best shows to watch for anyone who loves makeup or special effects. The photo of Janet, on which she was adorned with some delightfully tiny blue and purple flowers, was also alluring. Her makeup and pose, combined with the flowers, resulted in an almost perfect shot.

3 Season 12 – Painting

Split image showing Fo and Tahlia in painting photoshoot during ANTM cycle 12

The models of Season 12, Episode 6 were given the awe-inspiring task of evoking emotions through colors during this photoshoot. The candidate’s paint, makeup and other accessories only added to the feeling they were trying to convey.

Fo, the first call, had red paint and a headset to channel his emotion. The color, often associated with love, passion, anger and strength, shines through in her photo with her frontal gaze with an arched eyebrow and a penetrating gaze into the camera. Tahlia’s look was stunning as well. She was charged with the color purple: a hue that represents royalty, luxury, power, and ambition, which is exactly what she stirs with her fierce sideways gaze.

2 Season 15 – Fallen Angels

Split Image Showing Ann and Kayla in Angel Photoshoot during ANTM Cycle 15

Episode 3 of Season 15 had the girls on the beaches of Malibu as fallen angles with the help of male model counterparts. The tropical shoot was a nice combination with the girls’ black outfits and wings.

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The photo of Ann, the jury’s first call, was a lesson in gesture and emotion: her hands intertwined with hers, tied to her pose and facial expression, even the hairstyle of her hair made it. an attractive photo. Kayla was also popular, as her face and the way she lifted her male model’s chin looked incredibly majestic and powerful.

1 Season 6 – Tears

Split image showing Joanie and Nnenna in photoshoot crying during ANTM cycle 6

The black and white photoshoot (season 6, episode 8), which made the girls cry, is one of ANTM the most extraordinary. The color contrast here made the girls’ tears really stand out from all the rest, and it added to the overall tone of the session.

Joanie’s was the best of the bunch: her eyes and thick, smeared dark eye makeup, fingers in her hair, and distant gaze were a meaningful moment for the judges when they saw her picture. Nnenna’s was also capital, because her gaze of anguish and pain made the audience want to cry with her.

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