An alcoholic who was once so desperate for alcohol, he shot WEEDKILLER for the Great Scottish Run five years after an almost fatal overdose

AN alcoholic who was once so desperate for alcohol that he swallowed a deadly WEEDKILLER cocktail is now in pursuit of a new high after starting to run.

Graham Wilson hopes to inspire others struggling with alcohol by completing the Great Scottish Run half marathon this weekend – less than five years after being resuscitated by paramedics following a almost fatal overdose.


Graham Wilson overcame his alcohol problem

The 40-year-old accountant said: “I was 15 minutes from death after an overdose.

“My heart was pounding and then stopped and I was taken to the hospital and then put into a coma.

“I’ve had so many rocky bottoms.”

Graham cut down the deadly weedkiller in hopes it would make him drunk – but it almost killed him.

He said: “The weed killer burned my guts and I ended up in the hospital.

“I bought it from a landscape gardener and I remember him saying ‘a teaspoon of that would kill Hampden Park.’

“I put it in a highball glass with lemonade and drank it.”

Graham was drinking every day and went to incredible lengths to get his fix.

He adds, “I got into debt and hid my drinking, so I got payday loans and then other payday loans to pay off the payday loans.

“If there were boring letters asking for money, I would tear them up. “

Graham said he was sure he would be dead if he hadn’t given up on the bottle – and is grateful his wife Carolann stayed with him during his troubles.

    Graham competes in the Great Scottish Run half marathon this weekend


Graham competes in the Great Scottish Run half marathon this weekend

And he credits running for playing a huge role in his recovery.

Graham admits, “I did a run when I was drinking and got drunk before I did, and then had a few points along the way.

“But everything has changed.

“I remember in my first race I got 150 steps before I stopped, I ran from bench to bench and it took me a month to cover the three miles.

“Later I decided to write about my trip and at first it was about me and my race – but I heard that my story was an inspiration to people. is good to say that you are not well.

“My barrel bottom is different from someone else’s and if you look at me and think you can do it, you can do it. There is nothing we cannot do in this world.

The Bank of Scotland’s Great Scottish Run Half Marathon and 10K take place on Sunday with family events in George Square on Saturday.

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