An In-Depth Look at Unique Star Wars Cabins

The incredibly immersive Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience will launch at Walt Disney World on March 1, taking guests on a two-day journey through space. Star Wars and Disney Parks fans can’t wait to see what the experience has in store for them, as well as what the accommodations actually look like. Before launch, had the chance to attend a preview event at the Starcruiser, getting an in-depth look at the Halcyon ship, its inhabitants and the cabins where guests will stay.

The Starcruiser is meant to be a premium cruiser, even though it goes through space. The cabins themselves resemble those found on a cruise ship, fully appointed for Star Wars worlds. The design of every room in the cabin is wonderfully Star Wars, helping to transport you to a galaxy far, far away.

As nice as these rooms are, however, they are not very large. Looks like they were designed specifically for families with young children, and any room with multiple adults will likely feel a bit cramped. It’s only for two days, and you probably won’t be in the cabin much, but some customers may expect more spacious living space given the price of the Starcruiser.

To give you a more detailed look at the cabins themselves, we’ve put together some photos of the Halcyon which you can check out below.

The beds

(Photo: Disney Parks)

The first photos Disney released of the Starcruiser showed what the beds look like and what you see is what you get. There is a large bed in the center of the room with a few small bunk beds against the interior wall.

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Sliding doors

Like in Star Wars, the cabin doors of the Halcyon Slide swing open rather than swing out. Unfortunately, these are not the automatic doors seen in the movies. You’ll unlock your cabin with a Halcyon-specific MagicBand, then a handle can be pulled to open the door.

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The berths featured in the bedrooms are built into the walls and are actually known by another name. In-universe, these smaller bunk beds are called bunks.

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Hidden table and chairs


The Halcyon’s cabins aren’t what everyone would call “spacious”, so they get creative with the space they have. Under the window on the back wall, there is a table that pulls out, as well as two stools to sit on.

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retractable window

Part of the Galactic Starcruiser experience is the sensation of flying through space. Every “window” in the whole ship is synchronized with the same animation, so there will always be continuity with the views. If you fly in hyperspace on the bridge, you will see hyperspace from the cabins.

The cabin windows actually have a retractable screen that allows you to “close the window” if you want it to be darker in the room when it’s time to sleep. A button below the port lowers the screen.

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(Photo: Disney Parks)

A droid named D3-O9 is perhaps the most important character aboard the Halcyon. D3-O9 is a droid that essentially lives in every cabin, powered by a new artificial intelligence that allows him to interact with a guest throughout his stay. She remembers your name and the things you said to her, offering guidance throughout your experience.

D3 lives in a panel on the cabin wall and she can be called upon literally at any time. As things happen in the story on the ship, D3 is aware of this and will tell you about it. The D3 in each room will be different as the experiences of the people in each cabin are different.

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Video screen


The video screen on the wall facing the bed can be many things. This is a map of the route taken by the Halcyon. This is an information post. It’s also a regular TV that has regular TV channels just like any other room in a Disney resort. The remote control is also quite unique.

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Bathrooms and storage

The bathrooms in a Starcruiser cabin are exactly what you expect them to be. These are standard bathrooms with a sink, shower and toilet. They just happen to look a little more like they belong in another galaxy.

There is a closet with a sliding door opposite the bathroom, allowing guests to hang clothes or leave clothes folded on shelves.


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