Apparel editors are always getting dressed again

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There are a ton of benefits to getting your clothes back on. On a macro level, it helps reduce waste, save clothes from landfills, and increase their lifespan. If you wear more between washes, you help prevent plastic pollution – clothes made from synthetic materials can release tiny plastic fibers with each wash, which then end up in waterways that eventually drift towards the ocean. It also reduces your carbon footprint, since you use less water and energy.

At the micro level, wearing your clothes again presents a fun challenge, inviting you to develop your personal style with wardrobe staples. How many times can you style your favorite denim jacket and make it look fresh? The answers will inspire you to develop your styling skills. Headed to the beach? This denim jacket could make an effortlessly cool cover up. For a casual outfit, you can create a striking monochromatic denim moment by pairing it with your favorite jeans. How about a semi-dressed picnic? Throw your jacket over a colorful midi dress ensemble for a stylish finishing touch. The clothing combinations are endless with versatile garments.

Creating new looks with old clothes is a test we like to pass at POPSUGAR. Whether it’s outerwear or a dress, we love to wear our most beloved pieces again. We asked seven editors about the item or accessory they wear multiple times, and their answers are sure to inspire new clothing ideas.

From a halter-neck orange leather mini dress that pairs beautifully with strappy sandals to a turtleneck that’s perfect for any season, steal our ideas ahead.

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