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Apple released iOS 15, its annual software update for iPhone on Monday. At Apple’s virtual event last week, the tech giant said the iOS 15 update will be available from September 20. This year’s iOS version includes the ability to FaceTime to make calls to Windows and Android users, new integrations for messaging, map upgrades, privacy protection, and more.

What’s new in iOS 15

iOS 15 is packed with new features that help you connect with others, be more present and in the moment, explore the world, and use powerful intelligence to do more with iPhone than ever before. Here are some new features in iOS 15.

  • FaceTime calls with Android and Windows devices

FaceTime was for Apple users only, but with the new iOS 15 you can now invite anyone to join you in a FaceTime call, even friends who don’t have an Apple device can now join FaceTime calls in one-on-one and in groups. from their browser instantly – no login needed. Apple said users of non-Apple devices can “sign up using the latest version of Chrome or Edge. Users can now invite their friends to a FaceTime call using a web link that you can share anywhere.

  • New integrations for messages

Apple Messages have a new “shared with you” integration. Now, links, images and other content shared with you in Messages will be presented in a new Shared with you section in the corresponding application. Users can reply from the corresponding app without going back to Messages. For example, if someone sends a link to music, it will appear in the Apple Music app in a section titled “Shared with you”. Shared With You is integrated with Photos, Safari, Apple News, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and the Apple TV app.

Users can now choose outfits for their Memoji and express themselves with new stickers. Users can represent their look and style with multi-colored headwear. Accessibility customizations now include cochlear implants, oxygen tubing, and soft helmets.

Concentrate just like “Do Not Disturb” helps you stay in when you need to focus or step away. Apple has added more upgrades to this feature. Focus now allows you to pre-approve notifications from certain contacts. If someone sends an SMS to a user in Focus mode, they will receive an away message. Users can create multiple Focus profiles for different situations, such as work, play, and sleep. When a user activates Focus, a status will automatically be displayed in Messages and other communication applications that you allow.

Maps now display step-by-step directions that you can view in augmented reality, custom landmarks, and a night mode with a moonlit glow. The maps will also show more details such as the location of turning lanes and the location of crosswalks to help more easily spot traffic conditions and determine the correct lane to join. The maps will also feature new real-time alerts that tell users when to get off the bus, train or metro before they miss their stop.

iOS 15 provides increased visibility into how apps access your data, protects you from unwanted data collection, and gives you more control over what you choose to share. The app privacy report will show you how often an app accessed your microphone or location in the past seven days.


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