BBNaija 7: “Level Up” Season Live Updates (Week 2)

Week 2 Head of House Games is live!

This week’s games are expected to kick off the sending-off nominations. For the week, Eloswag, who won last week’s matches, is ineligible to participate, alongside newly introduced fake housemates Deji and Modella.

As in the previous week, the winner of tonight’s games automatically obtains immunity from possible expulsion for the week, immunity for their level and the sole power to propose an expulsion.

The housemates betting task for the week is themed sports

For their bet of the week, the houses were asked to create to invent an original sport to practice on Fridays. In addition to creating the sport, the housemates will create a rulebook with guidelines for how the sport will be played and design women’s and men’s jerseys.

Chichi and Sheggz start the morning off with a heated exchange

Chichi fired a few shots in Sheggz’s direction this morning because of a brief misunderstanding. The exotic dancer assumed Sheggz kicked her out of the Gen-Z category, but quickly apologized when she realized her mistake.

Roommates Deji and Modella have been placed in tier one and two houses respectively and are expected to shake up the game.

Saturday night party is live!

The 2-hour party will be the first time the houses have partied together. Unfortunately for level two housemates, the party ends at midnight. To win yesterday’s bet, level one housemates will have hours of drunken fun overtime.

Amaka and Bryan clash over tier two purchases

The roommates have had a rocky relationship all week. Today’s word trading was inspired by weekly races.

Big Brother issues a stern warning to Sheggz and Phyna

The housemates were found guilty of performing on camera.

Big Brother issued a stern warning to Sheggz, Phyna, and the entire house in an attempt to communicate with viewers or infer what viewers might be thinking.

The warning was issued just after the presentation of the bet which was won by the level two house.

The level 2 house wins the presentation of the bet

Housemates receive 1500 pocket naira, exclusive access to the store for the week, the Thursday pool party and the Saturday after-party.

The weekly Friday betting presentation is underway!

Once again, the houses came together to present their presentation. Remember that the houses were instructed to form three groups of four roommates. They were told to prepare a talent showcase that will be played simultaneously.

Levels will clash. The winning level will be determined by the creativity, originality and organization of their performance. Biggie didn’t mention the talent as the focus of their showcase will be on how the bands creatively created something memorable.

The benefits will see the winning tier having the option to shop on Saturdays while the losing team will survive on the bare minimum. Only the winning team will party next Thursday and the Saturday after the party.

Level 1 roommates party tonight

The housemates have been tasked with getting ready for the first pool party scheduled for 10:00 p.m. tonight.

Level 2 roommates win the cake task

To win, roommates receive cupcakes designed by level one roommates.

The housemates are hard at work on a cake that will be presented to Big Brother in a few minutes.

Did you miss the Beauty and Groovy kiss?

Level two Beauty and Groovy roommates and get things done at lightning speed. The roommates briefly kissed last night.

What is this ship called? The roommates continue to rub shoulders

The first level one roommate diary session is underway

The housemates share with Biggie their thoughts on being on the show.

Big Brother gives a new musical task

Fair time is over for the housemates as Biggie has asked each house to create a theme song. The music must be an original song composed by the housemates and not a cover of an existing song. The housemates will perform the song as part of their Friday assignment.

Chichi recounts her life as an exotic dancer

The level two roommate hinted to Eloswag that she had suffered from depression, especially when she started her career path.

The diary sessions are officially launched!

The first diary session of the season kicked off with the level two housemates. For the session, Big Brother is curious to know what housemates think of the houses and their chances of winning 72 hours after the start of the game.

Phyna and Chichi clash over strategy

Chichi and Phyna had a heated exchange about Chichi’s obsession with level two roommates.

It’s officially day two of the Level Up game and so far the ships have started to form, the housemates are bonding even more.

It appears the housemates were paired up for a week before the show launched. Roommates are currently sharing what they know about their paired roommate from the other house.

For having the poorest performance in the HOH games, Bella was directed by Biggie to wear her clothes inside out during the week. The directive excludes her underwear.

Big Brother presents a new twist

There will be no nominations for the week, but the HOH must keep that a secret from home.

Eloswag wins first HOH games of the season

The head of house game is underway

The house head game of the season is officially launched! Interestingly, Big Brother has united the houses for the game, another hint that we’ll be getting a jaw-dropping twist this season.

Big Brother has announced Bella as the first tail of the season with her reward to be announced soon.

Bella and Chichi compete over a betting task

The housemates were directed by Big Brother to plan and perform a talent show scheduled for Friday. Roommates should divide into a group of four, with each member of the group exhibiting a distinct talent.

It’s no news that the 24 housemates are in separate homes, accessible on two separate channels, a twist that has fans puzzled as to Biggie’s motive. Speaking of Big Brother, the housemates received their first betting task of the season.

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