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Dungeons are very dangerous places to explore, which is why you would feel more comfortable exploring them with a companion like the ones in Boyfriend Dungeon. While the adventure has both elements of a dungeon robot and a mock encounter, they can be combined and separated.

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You will need to manage your dungeon gear as well as your relationships with each of the armed people you meet. When you’re not trying to get to the depths of the current dungeon, you’ll be spending time interacting with weapons in human form to try and bond with them. Depending on the decisions you make early on, your path will change.

Commit to a person-weapon

Talk to Jonah at Jesse's BBQ

While Boyfriend Dungeon allows for multiple relationships that are both romantic and platonic, building them takes time. You will encounter more than 7 different types of weapons in the dungeons or around the beach of Verona. They have their own interests and values, which you can discover by spending time with them and going on dates.

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You can try to develop your relationship with each other at the same time, but you have to figure out which one you connect with the most and focus on them. This will allow the two of you to grow together much faster, get stronger, and reach the end of dungeons much easier.

Destroy fragile items in the dungeons

The porter fights his enemies in the mall

Exploring dungeons is not known as an art form since you will be fighting hordes of monsters and launching attacks in all possible directions. There is a lot of treasure to be found by killing monsters, searching for safes, and revealing hidden rooms. Still, that’s not the only way to find the items you want.

Each of the dungeon’s floors is strewn with breakable objects like trash cans and cardboard boxes. They break very easily and can reveal materials as well as handy combat items like healing drinks and power-up zines.

Visit Hangouts whenever you can

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While the idea of ​​a dungeon conjures up images of dark, spooky places filled with monsters and traps, the ones in Boyfriend Dungeon aren’t that bad. Both dungeons are in a mall and nightclub, which aren’t the worst places to host a horde of horrors.

You will fight assaults from enemies and there will be times of tension when the battle will take its toll. Fortunately, there are places called Hangouts where you can take a break and have a good time with your current companion. These places help strengthen your relationship and can restore you to full health.

Avoid getting stuck in corners

The porter eliminates insects on the floor of a dungeon

When planning to explore a dungeon on your own, it is a good idea to master evasive maneuvers. The smart warrior knows when to retreat through thick and thin and Boyfriend Dungeon will throw them at you from time to time. Enemies typically attack in large groups with a mix of melee and long-range fighters.

The good news is, they’ll ambush you in places spacious enough that you can stay mobile. Your primary defense rolls and while this protects you from damage, it doesn’t ignore enemies. Since you can’t go through them, keep moving forward and don’t let enemies trap you in a place you can’t escape.

Check hat effects

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Boyfriend Dungeon has a lot to say about fashion with all companions having a range of styles and tastes. You can choose your own look in terms of hair, eyes, clothes and headwear. While most aesthetics are just there to add personality, hats are another story.

The stats and effects of the weapon you use are based on the strength of your relationship with them, while hats are a power you can give yourself. You can collect recipes to make hats in your apartment that will give you passive and useful effects when worn.

Avoid challenge markers

The porter visits the pier at Verona beach

The act of descending into a dungeon to face untold horrors is difficult enough without other events causing trouble. Dungeon floors can be quite labyrinthine and difficult to navigate unless you have some familiarity. While exploring, enemies can ambush you at any time, and secret rooms can hide huge groups of them.

Besides finding and using Hangouts, the other main event is the challenge marker. Indicated by a glowing marker with intersecting swords, entering it will trigger a battle with multiple waves of enemies. However, these can be very exhausting and not necessary to reach the second floor or find vaults.

Collect and Create Zine Recipes

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You can only take a limited amount from Boyfriend Dungeons per race. Your companion in arms is the most important followed by the hat which acts as armor. Then you get two types of consumables: a Healing Drink and Zine. You get three of each, they’re instant to use.

Zines are special because they are the only form of magic you will have access to that is not connected to a weapon. They can have a variety of effects, ranging from damage dealt to putting enemies to sleep. However, you can’t just find new Zines – you have to open chests to get different recipes so you can expand your selection and find the one that best suits your playstyle.

Attack enemies through cover

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While you may come across 7 different weapon types, none of them are long range. You will need to get used to close combat early on and be prepared to take on the occasional swarms. Some weapons have a longer range than others, but all rely on melee damage.

Even so, there is a way to safely attack enemies. Most of the rooms you’ll fight in will have stationary items strewn about and even if you can’t walk through them, your attacks can. This allows you to strike enemies from protective cover when they are unable to counterattack.

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