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Instead of spending years figuring out which business to pursue, it’s better to spend time on a business plan and build a workflow.

And in this article you will understand what kind of business to undertake.


More and more people choose to buy online, and every year this sales format only increases. Open an online store and sell the products you are good at. You can do this on your site, sell through a landing page, or even just through social media. Or use third-party services – eBay, Amazon and others.

  • Electronics is breaking all online sales records. If you can find a way to compete with the big chains and minimize the risk of damaging the gadgets during delivery, this is a good option.
  • Clothes. Many items can be picked up without trying them on, and people are actively buying them online. You can minimize costs by selling through social media and offering great prices.
  • Books. It sounds old fashioned, but the sites are now the preferred place to order from as prices at offline stores have skyrocketed.
  • Promote communities and accounts. At first, of course, they will have to be promoted. Buy bots and sell low, or honestly recruit real people and sell high – you decide.
  • Organic food. You can negotiate with local farmers, gardeners and mushroom growers, find buyers online and arrange delivery.
  • Antiques. Only suitable if you know or want to understand. Among the population is always a stratum of connoisseurs of antiquities – the most important, to enter and offer relevant goods.
  • Goods for animals. Oddly enough, people can save on themselves, but not on their cats and dogs.
  • Goods for children. Another niche with high margins.
  • Goods for daily needs. If you can get people delivered once a month with detergents, razors, wipes, and shampoos, you’ll find grateful customers. And for an online store, make sure you choose the right CMS.
  • Affiliate marketing. Sell ​​other companies’ products for a commission. Such a business on affiliate terms will require a minimum investment.
  • Cybersquatting. Register and resell domains.
  • Goods for leisure. People who love scrapbooking, embroidery, woodcarving, fishing or hunting know exactly what they need – so easily and quickly ready to shop online.
  • Beauty products. It is easy to sell with little investment, easy and inexpensive to deliver, and it lasts a long time – a convenient product for online shopping. You can open an online store on Instagram.
  • Used goods. Buy and sell used appliances, clothing and household items in good condition.


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If you can not only sell other people’s products but also produce your own, you have a competitive advantage. You can sell on your resources and on third-party sites.

  • Individual confection. With the decline in mass market quality, there is a growing demand for garments made of quality fabrics, sewn to individual measurements. All you need is a sewing machine and the ability to use it, and buyers can take all the measurements themselves and send them to the site.
  • Costume accessories and jewellery. Polymer clay, wood, metal or fabric – you may know how to make jewelry, but you just don’t.
  • Home items. These can be textiles, frames, coasters, candle holders or tableware. But making quality items is no guarantee of success, as finding your customer is very important.
  • Furniture. To facilitate delivery, it is better to be small or disassembled in several parts, as at IKEA. You can try to negotiate with interior design studios.
  • Customization of everyday objects. You can engrave to order or give a second life to old customer objects.
  • Confectionery. Cakes and pastries can be made to order and shipped to your area, and gingerbread and candy can last a long time and be shipped across the country. Choose the right content for your online store – then users will be comfortable and interesting to work with your site, and you can increase sales.

Online education and infoproducts

Modern man is a lifelong learner. And he increasingly chooses online training so as not to waste time traveling, not to adjust his schedule to courses, and to have the opportunity to learn from professionals from all over the world.

  • Learn languages. You can create an online school with your tokens. In understanding foreign languages, people are picky, lazy and constantly on the lookout for new techniques – so it’s entirely possible to find ways to compete with giants like Skyeng.
  • Practical skills training. Any business you’re good at: You can teach people about targeting, design, photography, programming, SEO promotion, and management.
  • Training for personal development. This financial literacy, time management, public speaking, and more. It is possible to attract not only young people, but also old people who have a lot of free time and want to learn new things.
  • Teaching highly specialized things. Maybe you can teach programmers a new language or designers how to work with a new program.
  • General training courses. Monetize the human thirst for knowledge: classes in modern art, religious history or English literature also attract a lot of people if you make them entertaining and interactive.
  • Expert books. Write them down and sell them if you know something deeply. Create a serious product and think about every detail: content, promotion, presentation.
  • Tutorials. If you don’t understand deeply enough, create e-textbooks based on less practical or foreign editions – and sell them.
  • Video tutorials. You can teach people something specific by showing them by example. You can teach anything you know how to do yourself, from cooking to photo editing.
  • Author course. Develop lesson training materials and sell them – just a semblance of a textbook, without all the online tutorials and test papers.
  • Tutoring for children. Any school subject can be taught via video or you can start your own online essay writing service and help students.
  • Additional education for children. Open an online school of programming, journalism or any other subject – teach school children things that might be useful to them later in life.
  • Classes for parents. They have gained popularity lately.

You can come up with well over a hundred ideas: sensible ideas, weird ideas, ones that require staff and a big investment, or ones that don’t require any investment. The main thing is desire and real action.

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