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Which travel laundry bag is the best?

Separate whites, group colors and air dry anything that can shrink – we all know the set of rules to follow when doing laundry. Whether you like to do yours indoors or outdoors, it can become a chore for many of us, especially if you have multiple piles of clothes to take care of. When you’re on vacation, it becomes even more apparent when you have to separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes until you can get to the local laundromat. If you travel often, a laundry bag is essential to store your unwashed clothes.

If you are looking for a great laundry bag that does not require electricity or batteries, the Scrubba Portable Wash Bag is a solid choice.

What to know before buying a travel laundry bag

When making shorter trips, it is essential to separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones. This not only keeps things organized and hygienic in your bag; it also allows you to easily throw your soiled items into the washing machine when you get home. However, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle if you’re on a longer trip and your dirty clothes add bulk to your bag by being separated. In such cases, it’s best to find ways to wash your clothes while traveling so they can be worn again rather than stored away.


Laundry bags will usually be made from mesh, cotton, or vinyl. Breathable nets and waterproof bags are the best options for preventing mold when traveling to countries with hot and humid weather. A sturdy and durable bag, however, will hold a lot of weight and hold up over time even after multiple uses. These types of bags are usually made with reinforced nylon, so they are very durable.


Different bags will feature a variety of designs and styles for you to choose from, such as those with a single handle, backpack straps, and a shoulder strap. Each will also have a zipper, drawstring, button or snap closure. Apart from the style the bag is designed in, you can also choose between a traditional laundry bag that you can throw in the wash or a smart tech bag similar to the Scrubba that doubles as a tote and machine dirty laundry bag. washing on the go. .


When looking for the best travel laundry bag for you, it’s important to consider how often and for how long you travel. On shorter trips to different locations, a light and easily foldable bag is ideal. However, if you’re on a long camping trip or staying somewhere with a washing machine setup, a pop-up laundry hamper is better suited because it can hold more items at once.

Local depot services

There are many laundry services available around the world that are easily accessible to any traveler. In busier places with lots of tourists, you can easily find places where you can do all your dirty laundry for cheap. Depending on the country you are in, your clothes may be hand washed by employees or run through a cycle on a washing machine and then hung to dry. Due to this process, you can expect an average turnaround time of 24 hours. Keep track of the items you have dropped off to avoid any missing item issues.

Local laundromats

If you choose to stay in a hotel or hostel when traveling, they will most likely have laundry facilities available. Most work with coins, which makes them even more convenient to use. Most hostel and hotel accommodations also include individual amenities like detergent and fabric softener that you can purchase for a small fee; this way you don’t have to add even more bulk and weight to your bag. However, it is recommended to carry a travel detergent pack or two just in case.

Hand washing

This is a great option for those who are more budget conscious or cannot find local laundry services. Luckily, hand washing can be done anywhere, no matter where you stay and doesn’t require a difficult setup to do it. As you will need to hang your clothes to dry, it is best to bring a washing line or a simple string that you can use to hang everything up. You can buy detergent topically or use shampoo, body wash or bar soap as an alternative.

How much does a travel laundry bag cost?

Most bags will cost between $6 and $50 depending on the material they are made from, its durability, size, and the accessories that come with it.

Travel Laundry Bag FAQ

Q. How many clothes can you fit in a travel laundry bag?

A. Stronger, larger capacity bags can hold lighter items such as shirts, shorts, swimsuits, underwear, etc. no problem. However, heavier clothes like jeans and pants can fit inside but are more likely to make your laundry bag bulkier and heavier. Smaller bags that can be folded are less likely to hold other bulky items like jackets, jeans, and shoes.

Q. Do laundry bags add bulk and weight to luggage?

A. Travel laundry bags are usually made from fairly lightweight fabrics that can be folded or stored away when not in use. Bags made from thicker materials like nylon and polyurethane are harder to pack in luggage, but hold up better over time despite typical wear and tear.

Q. Do travel laundry bags come with other laundry essentials?

A. Unfortunately, you will need to buy other essentials like detergent, fabric softener, clothespins and a clothesline if needed. But luckily, most brands offer travel size products that you can easily use and store.

What is the best travel laundry bag to buy?

Top travel laundry bag

Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

What do you want to know: You can easily do your laundry wherever you are and whenever you want, by filling the bag with water, soap and your dirty clothes.

What you will love: The whole process involves six simple steps and does not require electricity. Once you cut off the top of the bag and let out excess air, you begin its cleaning process by scrubbing the outer layer of the bag so the flexible inner washboard can begin cleaning your items.

What you should consider: Some users report that it’s not worth the price once you factor in the price of the bag itself and the other items you need to buy to use it.

Where to buy: sold by Amazon

Top laundry bag for the money

Kikkerland Travel Size Laundry Bag

Kikkerland Travel Size Laundry Bag

What do you want to know: A great addition to your travel kit thanks to how easily it can fold into pocket size for maximum storage, ideal if you’re traveling with just hand luggage.

What you will love: Although this extremely easy to fold bag is known to be smaller than other options available, it is still an ideal choice for solo travelers as it is both lightweight and easy to store.

What you should consider: If you plan to travel with others, it is recommended that you purchase more than one per family member or friend.

Where to buy: sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Set of 5 BINGONE waterproof drawstring bags

Set of 5 BINGONE waterproof drawstring bags

What do you want to know: Each bag in this set is also waterproof thanks to the PE plastic material, which works well to keep water at bay.

What you will love: You can store things quickly and easily with the handy drawstring closure opening that has a 16 inch shoulder drop. Choose from various eye-catching colors and sizes that will help you distinguish the items you have packed in each respectively.

What you should consider: If you don’t want to store clothes inside, the bags are also perfect for keeping bottles, toiletries and other essentials safe.

Where to buy: sold by Amazon

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