Breath of the Wild: 10 sets of armor you want to buy ASAP

THE Legend of Zelda series is often seen as a series of traditions. Beyond the jump to 3D with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the series rarely ventures well outside its comfort zone. They can try out different visual styles or experiment with motion and touch controls, but players who type in a Zelda game have an understanding of what to expect. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, however, has suppressed many of these traditions in an attempt to forge its own course. Breath of the wild introduced a new style of open world, which was ultimately well received by most critics and fans alike.

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Among the traditions left aside is Link’s approach to dress. Besides the fact that Link’s flagship outfit is blue as opposed to traditional green, Link now offers a wide range of clothing options. These pieces of clothing come in the form of headgear, torso and legs. Most can be found in treasure chests around the world, and some can be purchased after you find them. There are some armor sets that are only available for purchase from stores and merchants, and each of them offers perks that make them a necessary purchase.

ten The hot doublet can help weather the cold

One of the biggest obstacles on Link’s journey in Breath of the wild is the elements. The rain can make the climb difficult. Heat and cold can be harmful to health. Players will need to dress appropriately for the region of the map they are in. While not a complete armor set, the Warm Doublet is an extremely useful piece of clothing for players as it offers slight resistance to cold. Players will likely wear this often until they get their hands on the Snowquill armor set.

The Warm Doublet can be purchased at the Ventet Clothing Store in Hateno Village for just 80 rupees. It can also be acquired for free by offering the Old Man Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry.

9 The Dark Link armor set offers faster movement speed at night

Dark Link Armor Set

The Dark Link armor set is one of the few armor sets that requires more than just rubies to purchase. Players will need to free the four divine beasts in order to purchase them. Next, they must acquire 3997 Mon, which can be obtained by selling Monster Coins to the mysterious Kilton merchant. The set can be purchased in one of its stores at Fang and Bone.

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The Dark Link armor set provides an additional speed boost at night, which could make a difference in situations where players are being chased by undead.

8 The Soldier’s armor set compensates for its lack of bonuses with its defense

Soldier armor set

While many of these armor sets offer specific bonuses for wearing the full set, the soldier armor set does not. What the soldier armor set has is increased defense. In a game where it can be difficult to stay alive, especially towards the start of the game, having the soldier’s armor handy can be what stands between players and the dreaded Game Over screen.

The Soldier Armor Set can be purchased at the Ventet Clothing Store in Hateno Village. Together, the cost of this armor set is 680 rupees.

7 Desert Voe armor set provides heat and impact resistance

Desert Voe Armor Set

Much like the Warm Doublet, the Desert Voe armor set can offer a little bit of weather resistance. For the Desert Voe, it offers resistance to scorching heat. When combined into a full set, the Desert Voe armor set also has a shock damage resistance bonus, making stormy areas a lot less painful.

Players can purchase the Desert Voe set at the Gerudo Secret Club in Gerudo Town or at Rhondson’s Armor Boutique in Tarrey Town. Either slot will cost the player 2,400 rupees for the full set.

6 Radiant armor set allows Link to land the Smackdown

Radiant Armor Set

The Radiant armor set gives Link a sleek professional wrestling look, complete with a luchador mask and championship belt. Radiant armor also lights up at night, revealing a skeletal design. This armor set grants a disguise bonus allowing players to avoid undead enemies such as Stalkoblins. It also provides bonus damage to bone-based weapons if the player chooses to use one.

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The Radiant armor set can be purchased at the Gerudo Secret Club and costs a total of 2,400 rupees, as well as nine Luminous Stones. Luminous Stones can be found all over the map and can be identified by their nocturnal glow.

5 The Gerudo set is the only one required for story progression

Gerudo armor set

When Link arrives at Gerudo Town, he is refused entry. This is because the Gerudo of the city of Gerudo do not allow any man within their walls. Link must find a way to enter Gerudo Town to speak with their leader in the hopes of recovering their divine beast. The only way to deal with this is to dress up, which is where the Gerudo set comes in. The Gerudo set offers some heat resistance, but its primary use is to advance the plot, making it the only purchasable set with this perk.

This set can be purchased from Kara Kara’s Bazaar in the Oasis area near the town of Gerudo. The total cost of the set is 540 rupees. Players should immediately retrieve the Gerudo set to avoid unnecessary backtracking.

4 The stealth armor set really lives up to the name

Stealth armor set

The stealth armor set lives up to its name very much, giving Link a stealth bonus that can give the player the edge needed to evade enemies or infiltrate enemy bases. It can also be upgraded to get the Night Movement Speed ​​bonus, making it one of the most useful armor sets in the game.

This stealth armor set can be purchased very early in the game and can be found in the Enchanted Shop in Kakariko Village. The combined cost of the armor set is 1,800 rupees.

3 The ancient armor set is well worth its high cost

Ancient armor set

The Ancient Armor Set is not only the most expensive armor set in the game, but it is also one of the most difficult to obtain. This is because it takes more than rupees. Players will need to collect ancient materials. However, it is worth it, as the ancient armor set not only has incredibly high defense, but also increases the attack of all ancient weapons. Extremely popular weapons for players to use throughout their adventure.

The Ancient Armor Set can be purchased from Cherry at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. The total cost of the set is 6,000 rupees, 60 ancient gears, 15 ancient sources, and 9 ancient cores. A heavy price to pay, but worth it.

2 Snowquill armor set prevents players from freezing

Snowquill Armor Set

While the Warm Doublet can provide some cold resistance, it can only get the player so far. Ultimately, players will not have the resources to survive in the colder regions of the map. That’s where the Snowquill armor set comes in. The Snowquill armor set offers players full freeze immunity, making it a must buy whenever the player gets the chance.

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The Snowquill armor set can be purchased in Rito Village. The cost of the full set is 2,150 rupees, a small price to pay so you don’t have to worry about the cold.

1 The flame retardant armor set is an absolute necessity

Flame Retardant Armor Set

When a player decides to travel to the Goron region of the map, they are faced with the scorching heat of this volcanic region. Determined players will likely eat food just to maintain their health on the dangerous road to Goron City. When they reach Goron City, they can purchase the Flame Resistant Armor Set.

Much like the Snowquill armor set, the Flame Retardant armor set offers fire immunity, staying very true to its name. This allows the player to fully explore the region without seeing their health drop to zero, making them the most vital armor of all. Breath of the wild.

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