Build-A-Bear After Dark offers sexy plush toys for adults

Build-A-Bear is traditionally known as the place where the richest kid in your fifth grade class throws their birthday party. But in this tough economy, even the stuffed animal workshop has found a way to branch out. The company launched Build-A-Bear After Dark, which bravely asks the question, “Who said stuffed animals were just for kids?”

Now you can shop a sexed up stuffed lion decked out in a sultry, silky evening dress or a stuffed bunny holding a bottle of Rosé and wearing a Rosé over Roses shirt. Like traditional Build-A-Bear pets, these After Dark are fully customizable. You can choose your sexy bear’s outfits, sound, accessories and even record a personalized voice message.

“The Build-A-Bear stuffed animal gift collection has something for everyone, including stuffed animals for adults who are just kids at heart,” says the Build-A-Bear website. A-Bear. “From stuffed animals from your favorite movies and franchises to teddy bear gifts for adults celebrating life’s achievements, there are plenty of stuffed animals for adults to love and snuggle.”

If you want to give the adult in your life a special bear, but maybe don’t want them dressed so risque, Build-A-Bears’ adult collection also offers Super Bowl accessories, Star Wars, sports and others. . You can purchase adult gifts from the Build-A-Bear website.

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