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PULLMAN – A longtime business owner chose to continue doing business in downtown Pullman to fulfill her goal of making clothing shopping easier for women in the Palouse.

Cherie Amour owner Laurie Barrie and her staff are running a new clothing store at 222 E. Main St.

Located between Rico’s Public House and Dante’s Deals, Cherie Amour specializes in the sale of lingerie, loungewear, swimwear, activewear and beauty products.

Pullman residents may know Barrie best as co-owner of photography studio Creative Image for more than 35 years with her husband, Scott. After her husband retired from that business, Barrie moved on to Cherie Amour.

Her goal was to stay in the town she has lived in for over 40 years and continue to attract customers to her main street.

“We didn’t necessarily want to leave, but we wanted to help revitalize downtown and bring some nice curated brands to this neighborhood I think is important, especially because we lack stores that sell clothes,” Barrie said. . “And we believe that a woman’s underwear is just as important as her outerwear.”

The hope is that the items they wear will give women confidence and “bring some sort (of) … power into the shopping for it and not be hidden away in a small department store,” said Ashleigh Kanikkeberg, director general.

“I think it looks like the Pullman and Moscow piece of the puzzle was missing and I think there’s a huge need in the community,” she said.

Cherie Amour, which means “beautiful love” in French, aims to provide styles and brands for women of all ages and sizes, Barrie said.

“We believe that every woman, regardless of age, race or belief, deserves to be treated with respect and to learn to love the skin she finds herself in,” said Luisa Pinilla, Marketing and Merchandising Manager. .

Some of the store’s items are made from recyclable materials such as water bottles and recyclable nylon, Barrie said.

Cherie Amour also partners with Period, a nonprofit created by two Portland high school students in 2014 to support menstrual health around the world. Customers can make a donation to the association in store or on the Cherie Amour website, The company works in partnership with period locals, said public relations coordinator Rachel Bolt.

Clients appreciate Cherie Amour’s approach, Barrie said.

“The women were very excited and we had a lot of talk about how happy the women were that we brought something so beautiful to Pullman,” she said.

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