Carley Ramsdell’s passion is Bismarck’s gain

This is by far my favorite part of my job…

… talk to others who have real passion in life. I had the chance to sit down and talk to 20-year-old Carley Ramsdell – a Bismarck native who has the gift, “the Eye” that made others happy. Most of us only take photos with our camera phones anymore, and in today’s technology it’s not too difficult to take a decent photo, but we’re not even close to it. to be in the same league as Carley. Ever since she was little, she always loved taking pictures, and it continued with her. She focuses her talents on nature and family, but truly excels in life – bringing out emotion through her photos is what she does best. Carley has two cameras, the first she uses the most is a Canon Rebel T7, and the second is a Canon Rebel 2000. I asked her what she loves most about her photography “I seek to capture the beauty in all things – ALL things” Let me try to give you a quick picture in your head of what she just said, taking an old, worn picnic bench and bringing out an instant familiar smile in each of we.

Already on the way

Carley works at a coffee shop in town and this is her first year at touch of life – Lifetouch National School Studios provides millions of families with valuable portraits and schools with important supplies. In fact, Carley won a contest –Minnesota has talent this year by taking a perfect picture of a first-grader – she beat over 100 people for first place. In her CV, she shared her impressive work covering a wedding, which is one of the most important things you can do in her dream profession – think about it, people TRUST you for that special day.

Its ultimate goals are simple and attainable on the near horizon

Carley plans to one day (I say very soon) have her own business and make a name for herself – a name that many will immediately associate with great photography. One of the things I really wanted to know spending about half an hour with her was “How does it feel to have an ‘Eye’ for photography”… She had already prepared these notes, and I want to share them with you:

  • you have a knack for finding great images to capture.
    • The moments you capture, the way you capture the images with the angles are all part of your creative eye.
  • Everyone has an eye for art, not everyone chooses to express it. Anyone can go on to develop an eye for photography or any other art form.
  • Everyone has different forms of creativity, mine, yours, your friends, etc.
  • whenever I feel stumped and at a creative barrage, I usually go out for walks downtown or somewhere in nature and the ideas come to me that way.
  • The reason I got into photography is because I love capturing all the beautiful moments this world has to offer.
  • The more you understand your camera and its settings, the more your creativity will express itself.
  • There is certainly no black and white answer to having an “eye” for photography.
  • You don’t always have to have a reason to photograph, it’s definitely a very fun hobby to enjoy.
  • Transforming the simplest things and transforming them into something even more beautiful.

Now take a few seconds and enjoy his passion, his work for yourself…

1) Matthew Heilman

2) Matthew Heilman

3) Kaylee Olson / Broden

4) Kaylee Olson / Broden

5) Kaylee Brennan

6) It’s engagement time!


7) Nicole

“So what’s your favorite picture you’ve ever taken?” »

That was my obvious question and his answer was simple and easy to understand why, #3 – Perfect shape/lines/creativity – which sums up this shot.

Carley Ramsdell is an extremely talented person

It was a real pleasure to talk to him, here is his website – – You will have a wonderful opportunity to share his passion if you ever need an awesome woman – with a real “Eye” –

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