China bans Chinese films and actors from Taiwan Golden Horse Awards

It is a fact that relations between Taiwan and China have reached an all-time low. It was after Taiwan backed the protests against Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill that China was unleashed.

Because of this and the arms deal with the United States, China has banned the country’s individual travel visas. In addition, there are reports that China may also ban group travel visas for Taiwan.

In this context, China has now banned its films and its actors from participating in the Golden Horse Awards held each year in Taiwan. It should be noted that until last year, Chinese films and actors won prizes at the Golden Horse Awards.

But this move from China means that no one from China will be available to accept this award even if it is selected. This move from China is even after Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards are considered one of the best in the Asian film industry.

Once again, this move from China increases the political and economic pressure on Taiwan. China has always maintained that Taiwan is its own territory and it will even use force if Taiwan claims independence from China.

“The committee regrets to be informed of the news, if confirmed, the Golden Horse Awards jury process is ongoing and will continue as planned, and all Golden Horse events will proceed as usual.” declares the organizing committee of the event while maintaining that the show will proceed as planned.

Presidential office spokesman Ernesto Ting Yun-Kung said China’s move “has not only harmed outstanding members of China’s film industry, but also positive exchanges between the parties.” He added that “culture has no borders and art in particular should not face political barriers. Whatever the reason, it is not a smart move to prevent arts and culture players from participating in this kind of film industry event that encourages free creation and welcomes multiple points of view. “,

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