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Jewelry is not what you associate with men, let alone boys. In the past, men were only thought of wearing rings when they were engaged for marriage or for religious or astrological reasons. However, all of that is changing. Men and boys are turning to fashion accessories like the duck takes on water, which until then was a female domination. Today, there is a plethora of costume jewelry products that cater especially to men and boys. You can get rings, stud earrings, and chains galore.

For this discussion, we choose silver rings specifically for boys. They are presumed to be boys in adolescence. The college years are all about being fashionable and fashionable. This is also the time to impress the girls in your class.

If you want to explore silver rings, then Amazon might be the right place to start your search and make your first purchases.

GIVA 925 Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring

This adjustable ring can be worn by both boys and men. If you like to show your allegiance to your faith while keeping it subtle, then this ring is for you. This is for devotees of Lord Shiva – it features part of the trident and damru (the drum that Lord Shiva holds). Crafted from 925 hallmarked oxidized silver, it’s unlikely to lose its luster for a long time.

CLARA 925 Sterling Silver Ring

This stone studded band is offered with several design options. There are up to 11 different models. It comes with an electronic anti-tarnish coating that prevents tarnishing. Overall, the ring has an adjustable band on the bottom side. Many of them feature a stone in the center in different shapes, but some are single strips. These bands can ideally be worn at weddings.

MEENAZ Couple CZ AD Solitaire Rings

If you like your ring to be subtle then this is for you. Designed as a classic wedding band, this set comes in pairs for “him” and “her”. But it can very well be worn as costume jewelery also by both sexes. This silver plated ring features a large cubic zirconia in the center. This ring has a rich platinum finish and gives a very modern and trendy vibe.

YouBella Elegant Rotating Calendar Jewels

This ring has an interesting twist – it features a rotating calendar – so now you can set the date-time-day of the week and not worry about checking your phone or desktop calendar for such details. The base metal of this ring is stainless steel and it has been silver plated. A section of the band also has gold plating.

University Trendz Square Geometric

Here is yet another ring with a simple and rather basic design for boys. Men can also wear them. Its base metal is stainless steel and it bears a silver citation. Its IP silver plating process ensures that its color never fades and keeps its luster intact. Its simple and elegant design fits all hands, giving character and strength to the wearer.

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