Consumers turn to hyperlocal cachet for tongue-in-cheek chic

Consumers are taking over their “local” – whether it’s a delicatessen, restaurant, bar or other business – often associated with high-end jewelry, shoes and accessories as the fashion statement of the day. It’s a post-ironic embrace, not just a bagel but a lifestyle of the Benjaminian aura (an object’s presence in time and space, its unique existence where it is) , and it helps consumers become rooted in today’s swirling interconnection. The quiet influence and insider-only aspect of neighborhood products offers a personal and meaningful connection to consumers, on par with the depiction of a favorite athlete or team jersey or football t-shirt. band ; as well as giving brands an attractive and often cost-effective way to engage their current fans while marketing to new ones.

Nerdcore: Academics Call for Return of JSTOR Merchandise
Driven by passionate consumer demand on social media, JSTOR’s highly coveted and discontinued “dad hats” are set to return in early 2023. The University Digital Library also plans to (re)launch a full merchandise store early of 2023.

Gen Z’s hottest men’s accessory? A Bass Pro Shops cap
A $6 trucker hat with mesh panels and a plastic fish logo from Bass Pro Shops has suddenly become the hottest headgear of the cultural moment. To spy

‘Delicore’ Goes to Hollywood as Celebrities Represent Their Favorite Places
Celebrities as varied as Pete Davidson, Travis Scott and Jake Gyllenhaal (who has two clothing collaborations with New York hotspot Russ & Daughters) have been spotted rocking restaurants on several occasions. The trend is hot enough that Coach even launched a Zabar’s capsule collection this spring, which quickly sold out. PureWow

When it comes to designer clothes…IYKYK
Glossy notes how branded clothing from companies far beyond the fashion space has spread, as consumers seek out products from local companies that are both nostalgic and known primarily to locals, giving them the real “cool factor”. Bright

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