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Rustan’s shines the spotlight on unsung household heroes like lingerie, underwear and sleepwear for men and women like this Luna creation. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

It is undeniable that the past year has been devoted to adjusting to a new lifestyle. Transitioning to the new normal meant planting your feet on your home’s grounds and embracing it as your all-in-one space that easily transforms into an office, gym, classroom, cinema, bar. and even in restaurants.

Nonetheless, confinement remains confinement, and being stuck between the same four walls can sometimes seem a bit restrictive. Dressing well on the outside is one thing, but the same care should be taken with the first layer of clothing you put on. One of the most overlooked aspects when choosing an outfit is the underwear. Whether it’s a quick run to the store, a busy day at work at home, or just a casual morning on a weekend, what you wear underneath can affect how you feel. feel and how you are living your day.

Break free from those limits with Rustan’s “Intimate Details” and brighten up your days starting with stylish but inexplicably comfortable underwear and wardrobe basics. Throughout September, Rustan’s is offering up to 20% off select items from Hanes, Maidenform, Luna, Permanent Weekend, Spanx, Triumph and Wacoal to help all of us relish the comforts of home. inside. The right underwear is the backbone of every outfit, whether it’s going out or staying in.

Give yourself a new kind of freedom to move with confidence when you click Refresh. Buy Rustan’s and let’s get back to basics.


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