Dony Garment aims to lead private label apparel manufacturing for local and global brands


Dony Garment Company and other Vietnamese companies donate medical supplies to the United States

Dony Garment offers free samples, trial orders, wholesale wholesale and promises to deliver 100% sterilized masks with full ownership of quality.

Dony Garment offers free samples, trial orders, wholesale wholesale and promises to deliver 100% sterilized masks with full ownership of quality.

Wholesale clothing manufacturer in Vietnam

Wholesale clothing manufacturer in Vietnam

A Vietnam-based clothing manufacturer is gearing up for another year of growth by supplying its international customers with uniforms, workwear and private label clothing.

We understand how difficult the modern work environment is today. With our long-term cooperation, we will help businesses achieve the successes they need to find a better future.

– said Henry Pham, who is the managing director of Dony Garment Company

HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM, December 18, 2021 / – Despite disruptions to the global supply chain for much of the past year, clothing maker Dony Garment is gearing up to become the leading manufacturer of private label clothing for global fashion brands.

Dony Garment (DONY MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED) is a leading manufacturer of quality clothing based in Vietnam. The company specializes in the production of uniforms and workwear at reasonable prices for customers in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and throughout Europe.

“This year, we have found that many international buyers are looking for new suppliers based in countries other than China and Thailand to purchase many goods and products, including uniforms, work clothes, reusable cloth masks and protective clothing.
At Dony Garment, we are proud to welcome international customers, especially those based in USA, Canada, Middle East, Japan and EU market to experience our professional production line. factory in Vietnam.
We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost and easy to transport around the world, ”said Pham Quang Anh, CEO of Dony Garment.

As the global coronavirus pandemic and supply chain disruptions threatened industries around the world, Dony Garment rose to the challenge. The manufacturer became a certified supplier of protective face covers to Vietnam, France, Germany, the United States and other countries as the world battled the deadly disease.

The Dony Premium antibacterial fabric mask is washable and reusable. It is CE, FDA and TUV Reach certified. It is made from a three-ply fabric that is 99.9% water resistant and antibacterial, meeting some of the strictest standards in the world.

The outer layer of the DONY mask features high water resistance, which prevents droplets from clinging to the mask and limits the potential for viral infection. The middle layer works like a filter. The inner layer has the most antibacterial effects. It is breathable design.

In addition, Dony provides distribution for B2B purposes and even exclusive partnerships. The company can provide free samples, trial orders, wholesale orders, wholesale orders and custom orders with branding opportunities for logos and labels.

Our face masks are available for wholesalers all over the world“Pham said.” And with our high quality, low cost manufacturing process, we can offer these masks at a price that ensures almost any commercial model can profit from their sale. “

In the third quarter of 2021, Dony Garment masks expanded their exclusive distributors to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

Thanks to Dony Garment’s unwavering commitment to customer service and quality know-how, the company was able to donate 100,000 masks in the United States and allocate 5% of its revenues to social services in 2020, Signaled silver compass.

After another successful year, executives at Dony Garment say the company is on track to become the leading manufacturer of private label clothing for global fashion brands.

“We try to cover all the bases when it comes to ensuring that each of our business partners have complete confidence in our company, our product and our ability to deliver an amazing product at wholesale prices,” said Pham. . “We offer free samples, trial orders, and branding opportunities with logo and label service available. This is great for the business unit or for promoting a brand.

Dony Garment is a reliable and valuable manufacturing partner for major brands looking to diversify their sources of supply beyond China, Bangladesh and Thailand. The manufacturer has a proven track record of providing high quality, personalized workwear including t-shirts, pants, jackets, aprons, school uniforms, etc.

Dony Garment’s team look forward to expanding into the global fashion market while delivering the same level of quality and customer service that DONY is known for in the corporate uniform and workwear industry.

“Our customers are the most important shareholders that we have as a company,” said Pham. “They are our best teachers and our best friends. So we look at every transaction from this perspective. We want to fully support every item that leaves our factory, because these users deserve nothing but the highest quality of the product.
This is true for everything we do at Dony; yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. The people who have used our products can attest to our ability, it is up to us to ensure that trust is not broken and to reward these users, as well as our business partners, to continuously provide products of the highest quality. high quality at a more than reasonable price. And that’s exactly what we plan to continue to do.

Dony Garment is a Vietnam-based clothing manufacturer specializing in providing quality uniforms, workwear, and fashion clothing to customers all over the world.

“Instead of being just a number on a sales page, we see our customers as longtime friends,” said Henry Pham, Managing Director of DONY Garment Company. “Instead of thinking about the bottom line of every transaction, we’re committed to building a lifelong relationship with every customer. We work tirelessly to ensure that the best result is the result of every transaction. “

About DONY Garment Company:

DONY Garment Company was founded with the vision of being the best clothing supplier in Vietnam. By focusing on time, quality and price metrics, the mission is to create the maximum benefit for each client while helping shareholders, employees and the company in a meaningful way.

Customers receive an original price from the direct manufacturer. DONY works with uniform suppliers in several export markets to ensure their customers receive the safe clothing they need to return to work safely.

The range of clothing includes t-shirts, button-down shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, hats, face masks, personal protective equipment and pieces of work protective uniforms.

More information is available at

Mr. Henry Pham
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DONY develops anti-coronavirus masks for international distributors


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