Epworth Preschool Program, Graduation is a Rite of Spring

From the Pelican class, twins Josephine and Juliette Miller pose for a photo after the program.

Duckling Class students sing “You Are My Sunshine” during the end-of-year spring program. They are (lr) Camila Morales, Lily Schrock, Cassie Danz and William Dashiell in the back; in front are Nathan Franco, Luna Franco and Madeline Eisenstein.

Duckling class student Wade Bertoncin stands up during a song performed by his classmates.

Olive Dare from the Dolphin class has the perfect moves for her song.

Livia McDowell has the whole world in her hands during a skit performed by the Penguin Class.

The Penguin class performs during the spring program. The students are behind (lr) Ford Dyer, Lilly Slavin, Lucas Torres, Livia Dowdell and Shelby Reynolds. In front, Sage Visaggio-Cross, Lakely Padgett, Anna Derrickson and Esme Johnston.

Members of the Pelican class sing on stage. At the back are (lr) Carter Coveleski, Rose Skonieczki, Emmery Wiest, Grayson Rhine, Cora Bloom, Kaylee Castelli, Webb Ciavarra and Josephine and Juliette Miller. Ahead of Charlotte Forrest, Blake Brewer, Caroline Harvey, Grant Carr, Piper Graviet, Brody Feindt and Nico Sorto.

Pelican class member Webb Ciavarra receives congratulations on his graduation from teachers (lr) Trish McDaniel and Carrie Dare, and director Betsy Plowman.

Pelican class teacher Carrie Dare presents graduation medals to students Blake Brewer and Carter Coveleski as Epworth Nursery School Principal Betsy Plowman looks on.

Penguin Class teacher Judy Schrader gives student Sage Visaggio-Cross a big hug.

There can be many uses for a rolled up graduation diploma. Grant Carr, Pelican Class, uses his as a telescope.

Anna Derrickson, Penguin Class, poses with her flowers and balloon.

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