Fans Find More Evidence Pointing to Last of Us Remake Plan

Fans are discovering more evidence that developer Naughty Dog is working on a remake of its popular and award-winning game, The Last of Us.

Ten years is often a milestone after a game’s release, and developers sometimes do something special to celebrate it. However, Naughty Dog doesn’t seem willing to wait the whole decade and is said to be working on a 2013 remake already. The last of uswhich many consider to be one of the best games on the PlayStation 3.

While the studio hasn’t officially announced a remake of The last of us, Naughty Dog has also not denied the rumors. Recently, fans have discerned more evidence that the studio is working on a remake of their character-driven zombie adventure.


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The Spanish-language Universo PlayStation Twitter account recently discovered something interesting in the LinkedIn account of one of Naughty Dog’s QA testers. His list of experiences with the company includes QA testing and assisting with an “unannounced remake project.” Granted, it’s not very long and doesn’t necessarily indicate a remake of The last of us specifically. However, this latest leak lends further credence to the current rumors.

Rumors of a The last of us remake surfaced last year and hinted at a possible 2022 release date. Director Neil Druckmann fanned the flames of speculation with his choice of headwear in February. He sat down for an interview on the Unexplored movie from earlier this year, but did it in a The last of us part 1 brand hat. While it might seem like a stretch, many fans interpreted Druckmann’s hat as his way of subtly revealing the remake’s official title.

As for what fans think of the possible remake, opinions remain divided. The last of us is only about nine years old, which some say is too early for a full remake instead of just a graphical upgrade. Not to mention that 2022 is a very busy year for developer Naughty Dog, with the PS5 version of The last of us part 2an HBO series and maybe a standalone factions the multiplayer mode is supposed to arrive this year. So, some might worry if the end of 2022 might be oversaturated with the The last of us content. Others would have preferred Naughty Dog to revisit their old titles, like Jack and Daxter.

Of course, this is all based on the assumption that The last of us remake releases this year. The QA tester’s LinkedIn profile mentioned above only mentioned an unannounced remake, and there was no official announcement from Naughty Dog or Sony. Thus, it is always best to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

The Last of Us Remake is rumored to be in development for PS5.

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