Fashion Show & Collection Theophilio SS23 “Homecoming”

On September 14, Thoephilio held its Spring/Summer 2023 presentation, leaving attendees with only one way to describe the collection: “sexy.”

Leaving the show alongside her stylish crowd, which included Cardi B stylist Kollin Carter and handbag royalty Brandon Blackwood, I overheard one guest say, “I can’t even find another word to describe the show but ‘sexy’. So good.” I agree, anonymous mode guest.

Indeed, Theophilio SS23 is brimming with chic appeal, from shimmering snakeskin coordinates to shimmering high ruffles sealed with gold TP clasps.

Eloquently styled by identifier fashion director Carlos Nazario, classic pantsuits were paired with skimpy bikini sets while sleek color-blocked pants exposed the branded stripes of the underwear, all reiterating the final synopsis of the guests: this is not wasn’t just any kind of sexy, it was TP-sexy, honey.

Embedded in that glamor and sensuality was a love letter to Jamaica and other places where creative director Edvin Thompson resided, such as New York, Jersey and Atlanta.

Aptly titled “Homecoming”, Theophilio SS23 manifests itself as “an ode to all the places I’ve called home”, as Thompson puts it.

Rasta hats and shimmering fishnet tops joined glamorous headpieces, nodding to the essence of the island that gave birth to Thompson, including the legendary Jamaican carnival scene.

For those unfamiliar with Carnival, the extravaganza pays homage to the island’s rich musical and cultural history with high-energy parades and vibrant costumes similar to those featured in Theophilio’s collection.

Theophilio’s “I Love NY” remix, which honored the brand’s presence in New York, made me perk up. My eyes literally couldn’t help but light up at the dancing crystals of Theophilio’s spin on the iconic “I Love NY” t-shirt, originally designed by Milton Glaser.

Appropriately rounded, glittery graphic concept boasted verbiage like “TP”, “Family Tings” and “New York”, bringing the theme of the collection – if I may say so – home with a cohesive design.

Echoing the words of a guest, Theophilio SS23 was indeed “so good”, to say the least. Sparkly, shiny and sexy, the collection honored the environments that shaped Thompson’s uniquely designed lens, which continues to keep us on our toes each season.

Plus, you can’t hit a pre-rolled party favor after an impressive presentation. Talk about a good show and a good moment.

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