Fassbender’s new luxury philosophy

If fashion is the image of our time, the last few years have profoundly reshaped our approach to luxury. Luxury is no longer just about the material value of what we wear – the things we leave closest to our skin become the very fabric of our values. Fashion today is no longer a fleeting trend. It may reflect how we view life and how much we care about the people and the environment around us.

A beautiful garment should not only feel good on the skin, it should also feel good on the heart and on the mind. Even the most valuable materials can only look good inside out if they are purchased responsibly – and that is the predicament in high fashion. Many high-quality fabrics, especially animal products, are still made under questionable circumstances, few are cruelty-free or safe for animals.

But material innovations increasingly offer sustainable alternatives to the fabrics we love. Some of the latest game changers are Adrián Velarde and Marte Cázarez from Mexico. After two years of research, the creators successfully launched Desserto®, a leather alternative made from nopal, a Mexican cactus. The new fabric is produced sustainably without toxic chemicals and biodegradable without compromising the soft feel of real leather.

But Desserto® is just one of many discoveries from Hamburg-based haute couture brand Fassbender. Started in 2015 by fashion industry veteran Christina Fassbender, her brother Sebastian Steinhoff and Matthias Louwen, the creative director who previously worked on designs for Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang and Diane von Fürstenberg, the family business and friendly believes in the connectivity of living things and nature.

While Fassbender works for a responsible circular economy that respects the environment and all its life, manufacturers are also committed to sophisticated tailoring and timeless elegance that reflect the Hanseatic joie de vivre.

Each season, Fassbender explores the latest innovations in sustainable materials, all from workshops certified to the highest ethical standards for everyone involved in the creation process. Natural materials, like alpaca and lambswool, are produced by animal-friendly farms, and peace silk is made without sacrificing living silkworms. Respect for nature is at the heart of the Fassbender woman who lives beauty upside down, it is true luxury.

Learn more about Fassbender on the brand page: fashionunited.com/compagnies/fassbender

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