FFXIV Fashion Report – Anonymous supporter

This week’s FFXIV fashion report is here, and the brief is Anonymous Supporter. Each week you can earn rewards for dressing up using special tricks. From these clues, you must venture to guess which items to wear. It’s a challenge, but with some help it’s fun to guess which clothes could mark the most. Read on as we give you this week’s pick for the Anonymous Supporter mode report.

FFXIV Fashion Report – Anonymous supporter

You can participate in the FFXIV Anonymous Supporter Fashion Week Event by heading to the Golden Saucer. Once here, the Masked Rose will give you the weekly brief. Gear up with the clothes that suit you best, then you can get a rating. The more they match the brief, the better the ranking you get.

The clues always give a general theme and are then broken down. This means that you also get smaller ideas for hands, headwear, etc. This week the big topic is Anonymous Supporter.

This week’s clue for the head is “Face of the Forest”. It involves something natural or of wood and leaves. There are a lot of ideas for this. It can include any number of wooden masks such as Monoa, Ash, Flame Sergeants, and more. Almost every wooden mask in the game should work.

Alternative ideas are to go with the Twin Adders: Circlet Serpents, or any Serpent Helms, Hats or Masks. Finally, you can try on the Botanist outfits. The hamlets cutter hat or the boater or the raised hat / of the groundskeepers.

For the body, this week’s Anonymous Supporter fashion index is “Born Bliaud”. If you need to know what a bliaud is, this is a long dress-like tracksuit worn in the middle ages. Think of a big puffy shirt. Any bliaud type outfit can work, such as linen, wool, felt, and wolf bliauds. Even more elite items like the Warwolf Bliaud of Healing can work.

The hands say ‘Vagabond’ this week, which is pretty open. Suggestions are Dhalmelskin arm guards or one of the Picaroon arm guards. The feet are much easier, being referred to as “Avant-Garde”. Something weird and wonderful will work for this like goatskin leg guards.

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