Five unique accessories from Big B in some of his iconic movies

5 Unique Amitabh Bachchan Props That Made His Character In His Movie Even More Impactful |

Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan has been a style icon for generations. The actor never shy away from experimenting with his roles and as well as his costumes and props which eventually became style statements and an integral part of his role in the film. From his neck Trishul salt and pepper in his gaze; Bachchan Saheb was a “pioneer still. Let’s take a look at some of the unique props he used to enhance his characters in the movies.

Trishul – Black Choker

Amitabh Bachchan black choker In Trishul |

The neck circumference trishul The film improved AB’s look and added power to the angry young man image he carried in the 80s. Vijay’s revenge-seeking persona became a rage in the younger generation of the time. The choker is always in fashion.

Muqaddar Ka Sikander – Porcelain doll

Porcelain doll at Muqaddar Ka Sikander

Porcelain doll at Muqaddar Ka Sikander |

Sikandar’s love for his Memsab in the film is reflected through his emotion at giving her his beloved porcelain doll since he was a little boy. The doll still occupies a special place in most Indian households for girls.

Yaarana – Bodysuit with lights

Body with lights in Yaarana

Body with lights in Yaarana |

It’s beyond our imagination to think of something like a bodysuit that has light bulbs on it. Only Big B had that personality to pull off with such grace and dance to Sara Zamana song. Her fans completely adored her look.

Badge Deewaar-786

Badge 786 at Deewaar

Badge 786 in Deewaar |

Who can forget the beloved Billa No. 786 by Vijay in Deewar film? Badge 786 according to Vijay (his character in the film) was his protector. The number 786 also has religious significance. In an interview, the megastar mentioned, “After the release of Deewarcar license plates and necklaces and pendants bearing the number 786 became the most prominent.”

Coolie – gamcha

Gamcha in Coolie

Gamcha in Coolie |

The most basic things that almost every man still wears in rural India, but when Amitabh Bachchan wrapped this piece of cloth around his neck, it became a style statement. The gamchha around his neck with a red coolie uniform in his film Coolie also became a part of many movies in the years to come.

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