Football star calls homosexuality ‘nasty’ in anti-LGBTQ + TV speech


Egyptian football legend Mohamed Aboutrika has never been one to refrain from delivering controversial views. True to form, the 43-year-old retired professional football player and former member of the Al Ahly Sporting Club team recently delivered a two-minute hateful homophobic rant in his current role as a TV expert. Qatari television beIN Sports, calling homosexuality “dangerous” and an affront to humanity.

“This phenomenon is not only against Muslim nature, but it is against human nature,” Aboutrika said, according to a report published in Deadline. “Allah says in the Quran that we must honor the children of Adam but by doing this homosexuality we are not honoring humans, we are humiliating them.”

The ex-footballer’s anger was raised when asked about the British Premier League’s recent Rainbow Laces campaign, where players were encouraged to wear rainbow-colored socks or d ‘other accessories with the aim of eradicating homophobia in sport.

“Such a phenomenon does not correspond to our faith and does not correspond to our religion,” Aboutrika said.

Aboutrika then called homosexuality a “dangerous ideology that turns nasty” and which Muslims of faith “have a role to play” in eradicating it. He also urged the network to refrain from showing the Rainbow Laces campaign as well as “anything LGBT-related” during its coverage in the British Premier League.

Qatar will host the next World Cup, and many have expressed concerns over the country’s draconian anti-LGBTQ + laws. Amnesty International has called the upcoming tournament a “Shameful World Cup in Qatar”.

This is not the first time that Aboutrika has publicly declared some of his controversial views.

In a 2009 interview with arab bbc, the footballer had problems with women’s football leagues and would not “accept” his wife or daughters playing the sport due to his personal and religious beliefs that a woman’s place is at home.

“The Quran clearly says: “And stay at home”Aboutrika said at the time. “It is better for a woman to preserve her dignity and stay at home, where she has a special mission. There are certain activities that are his responsibility, in my opinion. “

While Aboutrika also has a history of philanthropy, focusing his efforts on tackling poverty and malnutrition in Africa, his alleged involvement with extremist elements opposed to Egypt’s current leadership got him in serious trouble.

He is currently living in exile in Doha, the capital of Qatar, after being barred from returning to Egypt due to his alleged links to funding the Muslim Brotherhood, a group Egypt considers a terrorist organization. He was added to the Egyptian terrorist list in 2017 after his assets were seized in 2015, and earlier this year he lost his last call to be removed from the list, meaning he will not be able to return in their country of origin before 2023.

Aboutrika was reportedly reprimanded and privately sanctioned for his recent comments about the LGBTQ + community, and a beIN spokesperson subsequently attempted to distance himself from Aboutrika’s comments without specifically condemning them.

“As a global media group, we represent, defend and support people, causes and interests of all origins, languages ​​and cultural heritages in 43 extremely diverse countries, as we show every day,” said the spokesperson. word.

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