FootJoy Women’s Full-Zip Knit Midlayer Rating


We take the FootJoy Women’s Full-Zip Knit Midlayer on the course for an in-depth test of this truly awesome women’s garment.

FootJoy Women’s Full-Zip Knit Midlayer Rating

Intermediate layers are difficult to obtain. But the FJ Full Zip midlayer quickly became one of our favorite garments.

This is one of the most comfortable mid layers we’ve tested. A wonderful blend of added protection and practicality makes this a very versatile top. Some mid layers give you too warm and it doesn’t – the thick material is deceptive as it wicks away moisture instead of creating a soft sweat zone like many outer garments.

It seemed to create the perfect temperature to suit the situation, which was impressive. Zippered pocket features mean there is no smooth trail of starting stakes and handkerchiefs on the course.

FootJoy Women's Full-Zip Knit Midlayer Rating

There are also internal pockets, ideal for your time card and any other items you want to store. The length is flattering and folds up just above your butt to give the garment a nice line. With side panels, it helps give a zippered waist that many women will love.

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The color of Jade is truly refreshing and in fact the color selection FootJoy has favored throughout their collection is excellent. Flattering for most skin tones, there is something for everyone here.

Available in Pink / White, Jade (pictured), Heather Blue Jay and Heather Blush Pink. The price of £ 65 is very reasonable for what is an extremely versatile layering piece. The size is also at the rendezvous. A full zipper makes it easy to put on and take off during a game, especially with a harness.

It even stands to be stuffed into a golf bag in a hurry during a round and thanks to its easy-care fabric it stays in pristine condition when taken out. You can put it on 10 holes later as if it had been hung on a hanger. This top washes great and comes out brand new every time. We highly recommend it and have little to criticize.


Pretty much a perfect mid layer option for women. We love colors, style, practicality and comfort and find it hard to criticize in any meaningful way. A great garment.


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