From interior decoration to desserts; 5 gift ideas to make your festival more special

First published September 3, 2022 at 7:00 am IST

In the southern Indian state, Onam is celebrated with zeal, with people making flower rangoli, taking part in boat races and gathering to dance and sing folk songs, culminating in a grand Onam feast. Sadhya. Here are 5 gift options you can explore when shopping for your gifts.

Onam is a festival marked by elaborate celebrations, parties, gatherings, and the giving and receiving of gifts. Giving gifts to loved ones undoubtedly increases their level of excitement. One always wants to present these gifts to loved ones which can be cherished and appreciated. Choosing gifts that can put a smile on the face of your loved ones, aside from new clothes and chocolates, is always a difficult undertaking. Here are 5 options you can explore when shopping for your gifts.

Silver coins

Silver items make thoughtful holiday gifts. Silver coins have traditionally been given to younger family members by elders. The most popular gifts for religious events are coins with the likeness of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi, as well as sacred objects like Puja Thalis. As auspicious gifts, they are considered to add to the store of wishes and blessings and bring success and fortune into the life of the recipient.

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Explore Home Decor Options

Giving home decor items to loved ones is a common Onam gift option. On holidays, people love to adorn their homes. Wall hangings, flowerpots with beautiful embroidery works and brilliant colors are a popular Onam gift. This reinforces the joyful atmosphere of the festival. Also, torans and handicrafts adorned with shells and beads are adorable Onam gifts.

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Sweets are a necessary part of all Hindu festivities, it seems. These delicacies are a crucial part of Hindu celebrations. A cute mixed pack of candies can be presented as a gift, or homemade candies can also be considered as a gift, as items with a personal touch make the best gifts. If you have trouble deciding what to give as a gift, choose various chocolates or dried fruits. The adults in the house also love chocolates as much as the children. They are undoubtedly the ideal festive gift and last longer than any other treat.

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Feminine ornaments make wonderful holiday gifts. Buying jewelry for women is definitely a smart option if your budget allows. During the holiday season, several jewelry stores launch unique jewelry collections and offer substantial discounts on them. Presenting jewelry on this festive occasion makes sense because Onam is the festival of wealth and prosperity.

Clothes can never be wrong

According to custom, the elders of the family buy new clothes for the whole household. Consider purchasing traditional clothing for them as well as Onam-appropriate accessories. Give the people closest to you clothes that are comfortable and suited to their preferences. Remember that gifts are only worthwhile if the recipient appreciates them.

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