Gender-neutral bathroom at Newark Airport

Who needs recreational weed when you have such a “calming” bathroom just inside Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport?

A business services company, Cintas, has just named a gender-neutral bathroom inside Terminal B as one of the best public restrooms in the country. And you can help finish his contest by voting.

This competition comes not only from other airports, but also from recreation areas, bars and restaurants, spas and botanical gardens. Fancy!

So flights can be canceled constantly and queues can be huge, but apparently that stupid bathroom is worth all the frustration? Cintas says this ’70s-themed airport bathroom does away with “the traditional fusion of washroom facilities through gender-based separation in favor of public environments that allow privacy for all users.”

Uh, okay.

I didn’t know this was what I was looking for in a bathroom, but I guess those are the experts?

Sara D Davis

Sara D Davis

Forget that in 2020 and 2019, in a JD Powers survey, Newark Liberty scored dead last in customer satisfaction. These toilet cubicles provide the magical zen we needed to get past it all. Cintas becomes poetic about its “soothing environment”.

Cintas springs,

“Local imagery, integrated into the architectural treatment of glass and tile, creates a sense of place to remind users of where they may have visited or what they might want to experience on a return trip.”

I don’t know where it is inside terminal B but if I can get such a revelation of being on top of the mountain just peeing here I have to see if it’s before or after security . Maybe I have to stop even if I’m not flying anywhere.

If you want to vote to put this magical plumbing mecca on top, you can do so here.

You have until August 26.

To think that we can support the Little League kids of Tom’s River East again AND vote for a bathroom at Newark Airport in the same month makes you wonder how people don’t take New Jersey more seriously, friend?

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