Greg Hansen: It was fun, fun, fun when the Wildcats sidelined Wyoming | Greg hansen


Considering the AU’s ability to solve and destroy Wyoming’s defense in, oh, two and a half minutes, the ’90s Damon and Khalid Show almost became an old-fashioned crawl.

After Mathurin hammered two dunks through the rim to give Arizona a 43-20 lead, Terry laughed all the way down the court, unable to hide how fun it became to play basketball for the Arizona. A few plays later, Kriisa attempted a pass between the legs which was intercepted. How many Pac-12 coaches would have quickly taken Kriisa out of the game and given her (a) a lecture or (b) silent treatment?

Instead, the anime Kriisa kept playing, scoring 14 points in the first half. What’s half-crazy is that they’re mostly the same guys from Sean Miller’s stilted and often underachieving squad from a year ago.

So my only suggestion to the pre-game video team is to think about using “Fun, Fun, Fun” as the soundtrack someday.

Now comes the full warning: it is early December. The crotch passes and surf gear may not be as fun on Saturday afternoon in the old Illinois boardroom (now called the State Farm Center), which will be packed, with 14,907 fans , the first truly hostile environment Lloyd’s team will encounter. .

“It has a McKale feel,” said Lloyd, who quickly recognized that his old school, Gonzaga, was 0-2 in games against Illinois.


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