Halloween 2021: when is it?

. Halloween decorations are on display at the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze in Croton-on-Hudson, New York on October 22, 2020. River Valley. Tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world venture here in search of the spirit of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, an 1820 story by Washington Irving about a headless horseman who haunts a superstitious schoolteacher. (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY /.) (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY /. Via.)

The feast of October 31, known as Halloween or Halloween, and which is celebrated in many parts of the world, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries such as Canada, the United States, Ireland or the United Kingdom. Uni, this year 2021, will crack. a Sunday.

This festival, which precedes the famous Day of the Dead, is a celebration that has a tradition that children, young people and adults dress to go door to door asking for sweets and candies which are distributed in houses that are dress up for Halloween. with dark patterns, smiling pumpkins, ghosts, witches, spider webs and more. For others, it’s more fun to organize or go to costume parties, watch scary movies, tell scary stories, or make jokes that scare others.

Halloween 2021 is Sunday October 31

Do you know where this celebration comes from?

The holiday of Halloween or Halloween is a holiday of Celtic origin, which is said to have its roots in the Celtic celebration of Samhain. This ancient rite marked the end of summer and the Christian feast of All Saints. However, although many believe that Halloween continues to have a religious basis, today it is already considered a secular celebration, that is, it has changed from religious to civil or non-religious.

In the United States, Halloween began to be celebrated in the 19th century, thanks to the fact that Irish immigrants who traveled to the United States during the Great Famine brought their culture, and among them the tradition of Halloween (All Hallows Eve ), All Saints’ Day, in North America.

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Three steps to make this day a horror party

1. The costume is the king of this holiday:
The most important thing in celebrating Halloween is to be in disguise, so you have to get creative or imitate to don the best costume of the night. The trade can show you a wide variety of options that range from costumes to fictional sagas and franchises, but there are also those that allude to figures and monsters of the collective imagination. Remember that anything goes, so the budget is not the obstacle to not wearing a costume. With props, masks, paintings, and all your imagination, you can become the star of the darkest party.

2. A terrifying menu:

With food, you can get creative and make meals as scary as possible.

Red sauces that simulate blood, noodles to make a plate of worms, fruit witch potions, spider truffles, banana ghosts, monster burgers, in short, you can make different recipes that you can get on social networks.

3. The decoration of the place:
To search among everything that is at hand. Spider webs and ghostly shapes are the most common decoration used for a Halloween party. You can help yourself with sheets and balloons to create the ghosts, weave the web yourself with fibers, or buy it with the spiders, they are cheap, and go to the supermarket to get pumpkins and decorate them. . You will therefore have specific environments where you can take the photos. Remember to turn on soft or colored lights, and the rest is already put on by the guests, which are jokes and fun.

So with everything we have recommended, the safest thing is that next October 31st you will have the best time with your friends and family.

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