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It was on December 12 that the history of the famous Miss Universe 2021 beauty contest was marked by the crowning of the candidate from a country who was 20 years old without having a crown.

India’s representative Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu not only stood out for her impressive beauty and great reach on the podium, but also for her unmatched intelligence in the round of questions, a category that led her to be the winner.

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Although she reached the final against the favorite, Nadia Ferreira of Paraguay, her reactions, her sympathy, her charisma, her spirit but above all her tenacity and her dynamism led her to leave behind the favorite candidate.

Miss India, only 25, was born in Chandigarh, and shortly before entering the competition, she was studying for a Masters in Public Administration, which she was able to combine with beauty pageants.

The young model turned to activism, since she worked very young with her mother gynecologist, a profession with many taboos in her native country and she is trying to change this mentality.

And it is that two weeks after his coronation, the star has already positioned himself as a real influencer of social networks, since he already has three million 191 thousand 730 followers on his Instagram account.

The woman has managed to position herself as a true spokesperson for mental health, as she shared the harassment she suffered in her teenage years and how she managed to overcome it, as every image on the social network proves her self-esteem.

The young woman already has a total of 290 posts on the image application that is part of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire, Instagram, where she never ceases to amaze with her unparalleled beauty, allure and style.

Traditional costumes

Undoubtedly, the favorite images of the star in the famous application are with her clothes typical of her native country, where she pays a continuous tribute to her native country with her colorful and fashionista style.

Yellow, pink, green and orange are some of the favorite colors of Miss Universe 2021 which she sports in each of her typical costumes, where she can be seen with her impressive accessories, mostly in gold.

However, one of the ones that caught the eye the most is the one where he can be seen with a look in red, with a few necklaces and accessories, an image that was released in August 2020 and has more than three thousand likes.

Worthy representative

Another of the images that caught the attention of her followers a lot is that of the 25-year-old model, when she was chosen to represent her homeland in the famous beauty pageant.

The images were released in October 2021, and she is seen wearing a short black dress, with a pronounced “V” neckline and transparencies on the sleeves, as well as her dignified band and a beautiful crown.

The image has already exceeded 15,000 likes from his followers, and he assured that he would do everything possible to come back as a winner, without imagining that he would accomplish it after 20 years without a winner in his country.


Without a doubt, the favorite images of her followers were the ones that led the famous star to be crowned Miss Universe 2021, from her typical costume to swimsuits, without imagining that the best are the crown.

Just a day after being chosen as the most beautiful woman in the universe, the 25-year-old model shared her official images as the winner of the contest, which has reached over a million likes and thousands of comments from his followers.

Scandal photo

As expected, criticism from some critics in his homeland was immediate, as some conservatives in India showed their displeasure at one of the images revealing their attributes.

Being an extremely religious and conservative country, many have criticized the image where the star is seen with a fuchsia blazer with a pronounced neckline which refers to the fact that she is not wearing any underwear, which has over 700,000 likes .


The young woman shared with her followers an image just on Christmas Eve, where we can see her with a yellow outfit and a rather penetrating look, which already has more than 600 thousand likes.

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