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For thrill seekers in the Valley area, there is still time to visit Haunted Hollow, a trio of haunts in one place. While Haunted Hollow has been open since early October, they will be open again on Friday October 22, Saturday October 23, Friday October 29, and Saturday October 30, according to http: // haunted-hollow.com. The three favorite spots are FINN’s Funeral Home & Casket Company, The Village of the Dead, and Spinal Tap and Clown Town.

FINN’s Funeral Home & Casket Company, which opened in 2007, is the original haunt of Haunted Hollow. The tour begins at a funeral home, after which guests will visit the cemetery, mausoleum, and witch hut. The tour includes over 25 themed sets such as the Tower Room, Clock Room, Nursery, Dark House Maze, Coffin Storehouse, and Hell House. There are between 30 and 50 scares at FINN’s Funeral Home & Casket Company.

The Village of the Dead takes visitors on a haunted trail to and through the old village of Beulah, where they will visit the Sleepwalker’s House, Lumberjack Hut, Sawmill, Cellar, and Taxidermy Shop.

Visitors will also have to escape the rat man.

Haunted Hollow says “anything goes” at Spinal Tap and Clown Town, where actors can reach out to visitors.

“If you’re afraid of being hit in the dark by horrible and spooky monsters or afraid of clowns, serial killers, cramped spaces, extreme darkness, or being left by your friends to wander a maze alone terrifying, you hate Spinal Tap, ”says the Haunted Hollow website.

In this interactive lair, guests will have to do unexpected things such as maneuver in “The CAR” and negotiate the tunnel and the entertainment house. The serial killers live in the slaughterhouse, where Haunted Hollow says no special moves are required other than “normal dodging, escape attempts, screaming, crying, begging, and the occasional wetting of his underwear “.

From there, visitors will enter the City of Clowns, which Haunted Hollow does not describe because “[t]there is nothing scary about clowns. Haunted Hollow notes that Spinal Tap is optional.

Tickets on opening days from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET at the door. They cannot be purchased offsite or online, and only tickets for the three lairs will be sold. Debit cards and checks will not be accepted.

The price of admission is $ 35, which includes all applicable sales taxes.

No refunds or rain checks will be authorized.

The lairs will open at nightfall. This outdoor attraction will remain open during light to moderate rain.

Alcohol is not allowed, and anyone under the influence of alcohol is also not allowed.

Haunted Hollow is located at 12568 Lee Road 279 in Valley.

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