Here are all the Halloween weapon and armor skins from the new world


New World has had the same collection of skins in their microtransaction store since launching, but as of today that has now changed as there is a wide new range of “spooky” Halloween-based items that you can now buy.

There are a few armor sets and new skins for most weapons, but also masks, house items, emotes, and dye packs. An armor set was so good that it made me spend money in the game for the first time because I couldn’t live without it. Here’s all they have to sell now:

Bloodthirsty Count (14,000 marks, ~ $ 15) – I think it’s some kind of steampunk vampire type skin. Good for a mage, by my estimation.

Shroud of the Pharaoh (14,000 points) – Here is your mummy costume, maybe good for an archer or rapier type, as it seems to replace medium armor.

Skeleton knight (16,000 points) – Well I just couldn’t avoid buying this one for my tank. It’s just too good. I regret nothing.

Frankenstein hammer (8,500 marks, ~ $ 9) – Make yourself Warhammer wood and give it spooky eyes. I couldn’t do it, too unsettling.

Skeletal Rapier (8,500 points) – Turn your sword into an all-bone sword.

Crimson Bloodlock (8,500 points) – If I were a musket, I would probably choose this one because it’s very cool.

Staff of the Black Widow (8,500 points) – Well, if you don’t have arachnophobia and the spiders crawling on your stick don’t bother you all the time, you can look intimidating enough with that skin.

Pharaoh’s curse (8,500 points) – I’m still considering getting it for my big ax, but it goes more with the mummy armor that I didn’t buy. We’ll see.

Elemental mask (7,000 Marks, ~ $ 7) – Now we’re on to masks, which exist as their own headgear skins with no armor set attached. Here is a druid for you.

Demon mask (7000 points) – I was on board up to the tongue. The language is too much.

An elusive mask (7000 points) – I don’t like it sorry.

Plague Doctor Mask (7,000 points) – Okay, this one is solid for the right class.

Housing Items – Haunted Housing Decoration Bundle (25,000 points) – If you want to make your house spooky, here’s what’s included in this set:

  • Stolen gravestone
  • Potions Maker Kit
  • Enchanted broom
  • Vermiculated Curtains
  • Bubbling cauldron
  • The Crystal of Conjuring
  • Jack Scapegrace’s Fatuous Lantern
  • Scapegrace Jack’s Scary Lantern
  • Scapegrace Jack’s Lascivious Lantern
  • Haunted Candelabra

Emoticons – There is a coinflip and a clap. Nothing very significant.

Dye packs (3000 points) – Each of these contains 5 dyes that you can apply to a full armor set. Guess blood dye and bone dye will be the most popular.

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