Honda EM1e electric scooter unveiled at EICMA

Scheduled for release in the summer of 2023, the EM1 e: is the first Honda EV two-wheeler for customers in Europe, and the first model to be unveiled following Honda’s announcement of plans to introduce 10 or more electric motorcycle models in the world by 2025. It is an important first step towards achieving Honda’s stated goal of carbon neutrality for its entire motorcycle lineup during the 2040s.

The “EM” stands for electric moped, and the model is aimed directly at a young population looking for easy and fun urban transport. It is compact, with a flat floor, with a smooth style which marks its difference and its unique identity within the Honda range. Perfect for short trips around town and for making commuting to work or college efficient, quiet and emission-free, the EM1 e: perfectly syncs with modern expectations for urban mobility.

Honda EM1e electric scooter unveiled at EICMA

The EM1 e: is powered by the Honda Mobile Power Pack e:, which is built with a constant focus on durability, reliability and quality. A single charge will provide a range of over 40 km, and the Mobile Power Pack (MPP) is designed to withstand varying temperatures, humidity levels, impacts and vibrations. As the name suggests, the MPP is an interchangeable battery that can be easily removed from the EM1 e: for recharging in the comfort of home.

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