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Anyone wearing a long leopard print dress will feel like they stepped out of a classic story or a fantasy. These are wonderful dresses all year round as the long dress keeps you comfortable in the summer and warm in the cold. There’s a leopard dress for everyone, regardless of size or aesthetic taste, with so many designs, patterns and embellishments to choose from. When shopping for the best leopard dresses in 2022, the first thing to decide is the style. It has a significant influence on the whole look of the dress and can mean the difference between a timeless and a trendy item that you won’t wear another season. Another key aspect is the neckline, as well as the material used to make the dress.

What cuts are available in leopard dresses?

The cut of your leopard dress impacts how it feels and looks, so choose wisely. You may already have an idea of ​​the cuts you prefer, however, let’s take a look at some common choices.

Empire Waist Belt

Empire waist leopard dresses are flowy and delicate with a retro touch, fitting just below the bust and descending from there.

Flares and adjustments

These leopard dresses are cut at the normal waist and flexed to give you a voluminous skirt, making them ideal for anyone looking to enhance their waistline.


Although not as popular as the smaller dresses, you can find leopard tunic dresses with very little pleating or trim that falls straight down. A tunic dress can give you a casual yet elegant vibe, and it looks especially good when paired with sandals.


V-waisted leopard dresses, like other made-to-measure dresses, have a fitted blouse that enhances the original waistline, however, they differ from other made-to-measure dresses in that they have a V-shaped corset that stretches the natural waist. This is a traditional and more ceremonial option.

Things to Consider When Buying a Leopard Dress


Another element that can greatly affect the overall design aesthetic is the neckline of your leopard print dress, although it is somewhat less important than the fit. Lower necklines are fantastic for summer, especially on strappy dresses, however, they can be chilly in winter. Also, necklines that are too low may not be suitable for the workplace or religious groups. High necklines are more modest and more appropriate for year-round wear. Traditional pieces include the v-neck, boat neck, scoop neck and off the shoulder.


Cotton is a great fabric for a leopard dress, whether it’s a lighter cotton, a soft cotton crepe, or a heavier type for the colder months. Where possible, 100% cotton is the ideal option, but alternative textiles should not be overlooked. Dresses made from a cotton-polyester blend are not as light and airy as pure cotton, but they are less expensive. Rayon normally drapes smoothly, although it has a smoother texture than cotton. Linen, silk, and shiny leopard dresses are all great alternatives for formal events.

What to look for in a leopard print dress?

Straps vs sleeves

Leopard dresses come with spaghetti straps, wide straps, cap sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves, and any other variety of sleeves you could imagine. If you don’t have a certain neck style in sight, just explore and see what catches your eye. For an ideal beach look, there are also strapless dresses.


The pocket section in women’s clothing is normally overlooked, although there are several leopard dresses with practical and stylish pockets. You can keep your purse at home if you have a dress with large pockets that are safe enough to hold your money and cell phone, which can free you up in hot weather.

How much does a leopard dress cost?


Inexpensive leopard dresses can be found for as low as $15 to $30. Unlike more expensive dresses, the fabrics aren’t always as luxurious, the fit isn’t as good, and the actual quality isn’t as good.


Mid-range leopard dresses from fast fashion and high street brands range from $30 to $80, depending on fabric and level of embellishment.


The price of a high-end leopard dress from a luxury brand can range from $100 to over $1,000. The most expensive leopard dresses are beyond the reach of most people’s finances, however, there are some pretty, high-quality dresses at the cheaper end of the price spectrum.

Tips for Buying a Leopard Dress

Check the hemline of any leopard print dress you are considering buying. A dress should be about ankle length and should not reach your toes. Not all dresses are the perfect length for you, depending on your height.

Forget everything you learned about flattering silhouettes and patterns. You’ll look like a thousand dollars if you stick to your tastes and buy a leopard print dress you love.

Check the type of closure on the leopard dress you want to buy. Is it a zip-up, button-up, wrap-around or pull-on style? For some buyers this may not have a significant impact, while others have separate requirements.

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