How many Olympic Games are there?


The Tokyo Olympics will undoubtedly be a big event

Have you ever wondered why the Olympics are so great? The scale, elegance and hype created by the Olympics are magnanimous in their own way. The massive participation in the games from almost every country makes it a very successful event. So, are you curious to find out more about what makes the Olympics as famous as they are and how many Olympics there are?

The history of the Olympic Games dates back to ancient Greece, where they were held as a series of religious and sporting festivals in honor of Zeus. It took place every four years, and that trend continued in the new adaptation as well. It saw the participation of the major city-states of ancient Greece, as well as kingdoms. At the start of the 20th century, the IOC felt the need for a better distinction between the Olympic Games.

This led to the introduction of different games to the Olympics like the Winter Olympics, which featured many sports and winter games; the Paralympics, which were introduced for athletes with disabilities, the Youth Olympics, which target athletes between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, the five continental games, which would be the precursor to the Olympics, and the World Games, where all of those games are hosted that are not contested at the Olympics.

Sports covered by the Olympic Games

This may seem like an easy question to answer. However, the number of sports at the Olympics can change from one game series to another. The number can even be debated within a particular Olympic Games. It often depends on how we define sport.

The 2020 Summer Olympics are planning to award medals in 339 events, representing 33 different sports. Five new sports have been included this year: baseball / softball, skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing and karate.

Here is the full list of sports and the number of events in each sport: aquatics (49), archery (5), track and field (48), badminton (5), baseball / softball (2), basketball (4), boxing (13), canoe (16), cycling (22), horseback riding (6), fencing (12), field hockey (2), football (2), golf (2), gymnastics (18) , handball (2), judo (15), karate (8), pentathlon (2), rowing (14), rugby (2), sailing (10), shooting (15), skateboard (4), sport climbing (2 ), surfing (2), table tennis (5), taekwondo (8), tennis (5), triathlon (3), volleyball (4), weightlifting (14) and wrestling (18).

The Tokyo Olympics will undoubtedly be a big event, with 339 medal-winning events. It will also be one of the biggest and most important editions of the Summer Olympics, as new sports and games will be included.

Freestyle BMX Cycling is a popular adventure stunt sport, and it made its debut at these Olympics. Large BMX parks, unique and eye-catching stunts and exhibition boat skills of the participants will surely be a hit at the Olympics. There are many other mixed team events, which are introduced at these Olympics. Some of these sports are swimming, archery, track and field, triathlon, shooting, archery, judo, etc.

However, the Tokyo Olympics retain other sporting events from the history of the Olympics like football, hockey, boxing, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, etc. All of these sports will witness a massive turnout, and the presentation ceremony is also magnificent. The nation with the gold medal in the event has its flag hoisted higher than the other flags of the nation, and its national anthem is sung. This is one of the reasons why athletes compete with everything to make their respective nations proud.

No matter how many Olympic Games there are, what matters is how the Olympic Games are organized. The constant addition of newer sports has kept the Olympics from centuries past relevant until now. With such conviction, we should talk about preparing for the Olympics and how to rise to that level.

How to choose the best sporting goods for Olympic training?

To excel at any sport, you need a combination of training, determination, sheer willpower, and the right kind of training equipment. While most of the psychological elements can be developed in-house, the equipment needs to be of the right quality to give you that extra boost. Various companies have stood the test of time and have proven to be the best one-stop places to get your hands on the latest sports equipment. So, let’s take a look at some of the popular sports at the Olympics and what this store has in collection for us.

● Swimming: You don’t have to be an athlete or an adventure sports enthusiast to enjoy swimming. It is a sport appreciated by all. Everyone wants to be the next Michael Phelps. Decathlon has an incredible collection of swimming equipment. The B-Fast 900 swimming goggles are amazing and you will find a lot more of them in their collection.


● Surfing: This is the latest addition to the Olympic Games circuit. It is without a doubt one of the most popular adventure sports. With Decathlon, you can also meet your surfing needs. From surfboards to accessories like shorts, wetsuits, etc., you will find everything and the price is reasonable, and the quality is too good.


● Triathlon: Being one of the most popular sports teams and individual sports in the Olympics, this event has made a name for itself, and this is the reason people want to take care of their overall fitness. Over the years, many athletes and enthusiasts have tried to find the right collection of equipment and the motivation to continue down this path. From training equipment to wearable clothing, different sports companies are still supporting this sport with their product offerings.


● Cycling: Are you looking for the fresh and best cycling gear and accessories? With BMX freestyle cycling in the 2021 Olympics, surely you need to get your hands on a BMX cycle. Companies have a range of these products, and you can buy all of them, online or offline.


● Soccer: The world’s most popular sport has just been improved with the Decathlon collection. From football boots graded according to the requirements of the pitch, to the collection of kits and training equipment for extreme weather conditions, this is a football fan’s paradise. And, with the recent end of Copa America 2021 and Euro 2020, you can also buy yourself the national team jerseys and support your favorite team!


● Gymnastic: Gymnastics has to be the fittest sport there is. This not only requires flexibility, but also the right amount of practice to master postures and muscle tone. In this case, you need to take a look at the gymnastics collection. A wide range of shoes, wetsuits, accessories like ropes, hoops, handles, etc. might just be what you’re looking for to fill your locker.


There are over seventy categories of sports to choose from such as boxing, archery, basketball, baseball, etc. So, if you are lost somewhere, do not hesitate to consult the collections on sites like Decathlon.

With the world ready for such a great tournament after 5 years, are you ready for the Olympics? If you are, don’t forget to watch the televised event which will start on July 23, 2021. You can also check out Decathlon products, as most of the brands sold in-house are trustworthy and the products come at a price. advantageous, as well as. So what are you waiting for? You can also start playing sports with Decathlon as they offer a range of events and workshops in several sports with experts. Work on your athleticism and fitness, and let Decathlon help you with the right mix of sporting goods, sports practice and other innovative equipment.

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