Impress your prospects with exceptional staging


Image by Francesca Tosolini via Unsplash

Now more than ever, the search for apartments to rent begins online. It goes without saying that photos and videos are essential for marketing an apartment, and presenting visually appealing ads can make or break a rental contract.

Contrary to popular belief that staging is done only by people looking to sell a home, rental units need the same TLC.

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Potential tenants are people looking for accommodation, not just a vacant apartment. When done right, staging can help prospects focus their attention on the unit’s best qualities, not its drawbacks. For rentals, this means creating a model unit by adding artwork, furniture, plants and other items to show what the apartment might look like once the residents have moved in.

So, in case you are still hesitant to create apartments in your multi-family community, here are a few perks:

  • This gives the model unit a warmer look and helps prospects imagine themselves living there.
  • This helps you better market your listings and attract tenants faster.
  • It shows that you are a true professional concerned with keeping your apartment community in top condition.
  • This allows your ad to stand out from the competition.

A marketing trend that has been gaining popularity since the start of the pandemic is the self-guided tour – prospects schedule access to property units without an agent and see apartments at their own pace, without the worries of social distancing. This is another good reason to make sure that you make all the preparations to welcome potential tenants.

Tips for staging the rental

  • Know your rental audience. Depending on the type and location of your asset, you need to know who is most attracted to your location. Some communities could be more family-oriented, while others could target young professionals. Once you’ve identified the type of tenant you’re looking to attract, organize the unit in the most appealing way to suit their lifestyle.
  • Use furniture and accessories if the accommodation is not furnished. However, if you don’t have a design professional to work with, be sure to use items with neutral designs and colors that will work well with other units as well. As for accessories, you can choose items that reflect your location. For example, if your community is on the coast, you can incorporate nautical features like seagrass, seashells, and coral rocks. Flowers and plants will soften any room they’re placed in, so they’re always a good choice.
  • Think about the most attractive features of the unit. It could be the kitchen, the living room, large walk-in closets or even the view from the window. Once you have determined these areas, build your staging around them.
  • Avoid clutter. Not only does it take up too much space, making the room feel smaller than it actually is, but it also gives a tense vibe to prospects looking at the photos in the ad. Additionally, be sure to only place items that help potential tenants visualize the space as their own. This means avoiding personal touches, such as personal photos on walls or shelves, as well as overly religious items.
  • Make sure the unit is clean and in perfect condition. Nicks, scratches and holes in walls, broken doors and fixtures should be repaired before the actual staging phase.

    How to stage apartments like a pro

    The staging requires equal parts creativity and technicality. Since the end result is a photo / video gallery or a virtual / pre-recorded tour, here are some key aspects that you need to master for a successful staging project:


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