Introducing breakthrough security scanning solutions for advanced people screening

13-09-2022 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

Rohde & Schwarz presents its R&S QPS product family at the annual International Security Expo, which includes the R&S QPS201 and R&S QPS Walk2000 security scanners for advanced people screening.

The company provides security solutions for a wide range of businesses and organizations providing security and peace of mind through its family of products, using mmWave screening, a completely contactless security approach that is safe, comfortable and practice.

The enhanced R&S QPS201 Advanced Imaging Technology security scanner delivers market-leading high-security performance and a faster, more comfortable scanning experience. The solution offers high performance security screening using secure mmW radio frequency technology to quickly and accurately screen people for concealed objects. The technology is trusted and certified across the aviation industry with over 1,000 scanners in successful service at airports around the world since 2015. It has achieved CEAC approval and has been certified by the TSA, as it meets its strict detection requirements.

The R&S QPS Walk2000 security scanner is the first mmW scanner of its kind for fast, non-contact, full-body screening in high-traffic areas. The scanner offers two benefits: people can continue to wear their outer garments like coats or jackets and can pass through the scanner at walking speed without needing to “stop and pose”. It is designed to process up to 750 people per hour and therefore is ideal for fast-paced crowd processing, such as screening employees during a shift change in a distribution center.

International Security Expo, Stand C70, Olympia, London, 27-28 September 2022.

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