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Krishna Janmashtami, the festival to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday. The festival is celebrated with enthusiasm especially among the people of the Hindu religion. Hindus observe Janmashtami by fasting, chanting religious folklore, preparing and sharing unique dishes, evening vigils, and visiting Krishna temples. However, those who could not visit the temples for the celebration, decorate their temple with many decorative items.

So, take a look at these Janmashtami decorating ideas:


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If you haven’t already, the first thing you need to buy for Janmashtami celebrations is a Ladoo Gopal Baby Krishna idol. And if you are looking for a good idol, this Baby Krishna Gopal Idol brass laddoo would be perfect. According to tradition, place the Laddoo Gopal idol on a palana to mark Janmashtami celebrations.

If you are looking for a palana or jhoola Nand Gopal for Idol Laddoo Gopal, this one should be your top priority. Keep the idol on the Nand Gopal Palana and swing the idol for the party. A Nand Gopal palana plays an important role in the Janmashtami celebrations.

You can’t just place the idol as it is. You also need a Laddoo Gopal dress. These colorful dresses can amplify your Janmashtami celebrations. This peacock print designer dress will make your idol Laddoo Gopal even more decorated.

There are many Janmashtami toys available online. A wooden idol of Krishna Leela will also boost the festival. Use it to decorate your Janmashtami celebrations.

Last but not the least, how can you forget dahi handi on this auspicious occasion. So here is a Laddu Gopal ji wooden dahi handi wooden toy that you can hang right above your mandir or Janmashtami celebration area.

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