Jasmine Pineda shows the results of waist training

90 Day Fiancé franchise star Jasmine Pineda is showing off her new, smaller size online. She is thrilled to see impressive results after a day of training.

Ancient 90 day fiance Franchise star Jasmine Pineda recently showed off her new petite figure to fans, which she achieved without plastic surgery. Fans may remember the 35-year-old reality star from her appearance on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 5 with one of the most memorable stars Gino Palazzolo. Even though the couple have a 17-year age gap, they fell in love after meeting online. Before the Michigan resident traveled to Peru to meet Jasmine in person, he revealed that he had paid for her cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers, facials and dental work.

Many 90 day fiance viewers accused Jasmine of using Gino to achieve her glamorous figure. But Jasmine refuted these claims and claimed that her toned body was the result of proper diet and regular exercise. She mentioned that she only opted for lip fillers and breast augmentation surgery because she couldn’t get bigger lips and bigger breasts by working out at the gym. Fans now know that former American literature teacher Jasmine loves taking care of her health and working out almost every day. She continues to post videos of her cardio and weight training sessions on social media to motivate her followers.


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Panamanian resident Jasmine is considered one of the fittest 90 day fiance cast members, but that didn’t stop her from experimenting with waist training. She recently posted a few videos on her Instagram stories to show off her new petite waistline after using a waist training belt, Slim. In the video, Jasmine can be seen showing off her tighter belly while wearing the belt under her underwear. She mentioned that she achieved this result by exercising, eating healthy and wearing the Slim Belt. She says, “It’s the first day, and I feel my waist is so small.“Jasmine, one of the most emblematic 90 day fiance stars, clarified that she had not undergone liposuction.

Jasmine Pineda-Height-Weight-Loss-90 Day Fiancé

She also mentioned that the belt isn’t magic and won’t work on its own. She combines waist training with other healthy habits like drinking plenty of water, exercising, and eating nutritious meals. Jasmine’s stature is already quite petite, but it’s inspiring to watch her work hard to achieve the desired results. Since Jasmine is still posting videos of her new beachfront apartment in Panama, it appears her K-1 visa has yet to be approved.

The star has big plans for her new life in the United States. Jasmine Pineda does not plan to continue her teaching career but hopes to become a real estate agent. She is also considering moving to a warmer state like Florida instead of staying in Michigan. In the meantime, Jasmine is working as an adult content creator and training to achieve her fitness goals. 90 day fiance fans are excited to see the final results of Jasmine’s waist training.

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Source: Jasmine Pineda/Instagram

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