Julia Fox’s Outfits and Beauty Choices Prove She Doesn’t Care About Being “Sexy”

Photograph by Getty Images

Avant-garde. TikTok philosopher. Feminist icon. Love her or hate her, Julia Fox is the subversive It girl the world needs.

You know what we don’t talk about enough? The Absolute Power of the Mind by Julia Fox. She inspires trends, she invents makeup looks, and when she has to, she’s not afraid to look “ugly”. Naturally, when participating in the 2022 CFDA Awards — an event meant to honor personal style — Julia Fox was arguably the most themed.

On November 7, she appeared at the prestigious affair in a trailing black dress with oversized cutouts that left her underwear completely exposed. Created by Milanese designer Valerievi, the theatrical figure perfectly complemented her wet hair painted gray like a “Love letter to aging.“The set was cheeky, experimental and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. This is the call of Julia Fox.

If you’ve been on the internet in the past year, chances are you’ve seen at least one viral-style moment from the Uncut Gems star (no, muse). On the red carpet, her elaborate outfits range from crazy to downright hazardous. Posed paparazzi photos show her walking around in outfits that look like the final product at an arts and crafts table. These nude outfits always look unfinished, unraveled and anything but functional. But the goal here is not to be beautiful. It’s to do.

The thing is, Julia Fox isn’t trying to be conventionally pretty. In fact, she’s probably trying not to be. His discolored eyebrows remember alien visuals. Instead of the standard celebrity spray tan, she embraces her pale skin, veins and all. Where the polished “clean girl” aesthetic reigns supreme, Julia Fox wholeheartedly embraces the look “dirty.”

While the star is often ridiculed in real time for her subversive style choices, her lasting influence is undeniable. After signing chalky black eyeliner became a meme earlier this year, messy makeup resurfaced on several fall 2022 fashion shows. And now that she’s an in-demand model herself during fashion month, it’s clear her quirky aesthetic is onto something.

Don’t get me wrong, even if she doesn’t adhere to mainstream trends, Julia Fox obviously fits some Eurocentric beauty standards: she’s thin; she has abs; she has fair skin and plump lips. These physical privileges alone likely helped her go viral and rack up adoration for her deliberately “ugly” appearance. But while it does have some markers of traditional appeal, it seems Fox really doesn’t want to be palatable.

In a trendy filter industry, photoshop failsand highly curated influencer content, Julia Fox is the It girl of the people. Take his online presence. On TikTok, the star is loved for her candid stream-of-consciousness content, while picture-perfect celebrities like Kim Kardashian haven’t been able to crack the code. Sure, Fox may run errands with a torn trash bag, but her social media platform has become an intimate and safe space to ponder life’s big questions. She opens up about mental health in the bath. She theorizes about politics lying in bed. She gives life advice while sitting on the toilet. Unlike the It girls of yore, Julia Fox isn’t your typical Hollywood bombshell. And therein lies its appeal.

After all, Fox hasn’t exactly had a warm reception in the mainstream celebrity world. When her high-profile relationship with Kim Kardashian ex-husband Ye began in January 2022, the single mother immediately took a stand against Hollywood’s most powerful celebrity family. And while she was already well known as an artist, actress, and social butterfly in New York, in most countries of the world she was an outsider. As such, Fox was harshly judgedmany accusing her of being an opportunist.

And maybe she is – but what’s wrong with that?

As someone who was not born into wealth or fame, Julia Fox has long used conventional beauty to her advantage. “I practically, as a teenager, learned that I was a commodity and that I could make money,” she said on Podcast by Emily Ratajkowski, Up down, of his experience as dominatrix. But even still, the 32-year-old says taking advantage of her attractiveness in this way was a method of survival. And it’s the one she no longer needs to rely on.

“Now I don’t need men to like me. And that’s a luxury that I’ve earned by making men like me and find me desirable or interesting or attractive for so many years,” she said on TikTok. “No hate for girls who have a lot of male followers. I used to be like that too. But now I’m at a place where… I don’t really care.

Get this: Julia Fox isn’t here to look sexy. She’s here to be artist. His pre-planned photos are so obviously staged that they are almost satirical. His shocking, uncensored social media posts are akin to a gripping one-man show. The style icon has made a career out of performance art. It’s just that now she doesn’t care what the public has to say.

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