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“I joined in June 1992, so I’m almost 29 at the end of the month. Personally, I’ve never seen morale so low in the department,” said Jim Calvino, president of the Chicago Police. Sergeants Association. Calvino says low morale is helping push a wave of retirements and recruiting issues for Chicago PD. Calvino: “When I entered for the first time, we marked our seniority mainly, on the left sleeve of our outerwear. A star means 20 years. When I first walked in I saw guys with one star, one bar, a second bar, sometimes even two stars. Now the guys are leaving. They leave. They just can’t cope with it anymore. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, 560 officers retired in 2020 as part of a 15% increase in pensions. This follows a 30% increase in retirements in 2019. Calvino: “There we now missing a hundred sergeants on the street. I get comments from sergeants saying they supervise 20 or 25 officers. There is no way you can, in good faith, say that I am able to supervise so many. people. ”And Chicago is not alone. There are documented staff shortages in New York, Baltimore, and Minneapolis. The Philadelphia PD has more than 260 vacancies and the number of expected retirements for the department is about six times higher this year than last year. The president of the Fraternal Order of Police in Philadelphia told Newsy, “We were approaching a crisis with personnel levels. This is the perfect storm of several hundred officers retiring or leaving work in city ​​for a higher salary and less crime in the suburbs. ” Part of that perfect storm is COVID. More active duty officers died from COVID in 2020 than all other causes combined … including car crashes, heart attacks and death bullets. Calvino: “The department was not prepared with material for us. And it really showed us officers, ‘Well, who’s supporting us?’ You know, we’re protecting there, but who’s going to protect us?” Unions and police officers are also highlighting some police reform measures they say make recruiting more difficult.In Philadelphia, there is a new residency requirement that states that potential officers must live in the city for a period of time. year before they could enter the academy with the intention of creating a more diverse department and hiring officers who know better the community they serve. The FOP president told Newsy that the law was not not practical because potential hires “are not guaranteed of a job or a place in the academy.” And although many departments of the state have not experienced a mass exodus of officers, a county sheriff declared that “the risk Civil litigation was one of the main concerns “during the exit interviews. “If there is a failure to retain the wrong officers or to recruit officers who don’t want accountability? Good riddance,” said Mari Newman, a Colorado civil rights lawyer. Newman represents the family of Elijah McClain. McClain was killed by the Aurora Police Department in 2019. Newman: “If there are officers who don’t want to continue working in law enforcement, because they will be responsible for their actions, these are not the officers we need. The Chicago Police Department has been subject to a consent decree since 2019 to reform the department. For the sergeant. Calvino, he says he welcomes the reform and the officers who want to do the job right. Calvino: “I got a call the other day from someone in Philadelphia telling us we should go on strike. And I almost threw the phone across the room. How dare anyone say that? Who is going to protect that person down the street? it could be your mother, my mother, your father, my father. It’s my job. That’s why I got involved. And I took an oath to do so. And I would tell the future officers there that, you know, it’s a noble job. You go through life, helping others who cannot help themselves. “


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