Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox show bodysuit thrills

In a counter-intuitive plot, during the hot summer months when most people want to wear as little as possible, Kim Kardashian, Julia Fox and a handful of other fashionable celebrities and fashionistas sneak out in tight-fitting unitards and bodysuits.

Many of these celebrity looks can be attributed to the famous fashion house Balenciaga; Led by forward-thinking creative director Demna Gvasalia, the brand recently sent its celebrity ambassadors on photo calls clad in form-fitting ensembles that didn’t reveal an inch of skin over any appendages.

In Cannes, Isabelle Huppert killed it off in a jade green Balenciaga bodysuit, complete with matching cape and glove-like sleeves.

Kardashian, unquestionably, is a major player in this trend. SKIMS, her successful shapewear brand, sells neutral, form-fitting garments designed to flatter and contain the body. (She’s had less luck with other companies: Skkn, Kardashian’s care brandjust got slapped with a trademark infringement lawsuit.)

Many of them trendy and sylph bodysuit are quite modest, even going so far as to cover the ankle. When paired with matching shoes, which many celebrity catsuit fans have done, the result is a smooth, flowing visual effect.

Many brands, including high-end names like Mugler and more accessible options like tights maker Wolford, have been in the bodysuit business for years, but the choice to strip down and essentially wear bodysuit underwear luxury is a very new trend.

“Bodywear is definitely one of the product categories that our customers value the most,” Silvia Azzali, commercial director of Wolford, told The Daily Beast in a statement. “We have models from our Essentials collection that are evergreen and timeless pieces, but also new models from our Trend collection that are quickly catching the attention of our customers with more contemporary and appealing shapes.”

“The bodysuit is cool and sexy,” Azzali added. “It’s the perfect ‘top’ for high-waisted shorts, pants and pencil skirts, without the need to constantly adjust and tuck them in. They hug your curves, generating the perfect base for your looks; they are also versatile and functional and always offer timeless elegance.

Arguably the celeb who best pulls off the bodysuit trend is Julia Fox, the star of Uncut Gems and a New York hometown legend. In March, Fox paired a black latex bodysuit with a silver minidress; in June, she went with a gray number with fringed details and cutouts. It is also important to note that Fox is fearless: she is a woman who shops in her underwear in broad daylight.

“Bodysuits are sexy. Period,” Briana Andalore, longtime stylist and close friend of Fox, told The Daily Beast.

Additionally, Andalore explained, “Shapewear makes people feel safe. It helps clothes sit better and sometimes does the trick with dresses that ride up. I love these high powered Lycra materials. When I had my knitwear line, I used to infuse everything with high power Lycra to give the dress more structure and a smooth look on the body, giving you the effect of wearing a shapewear piece without have to do it.

“Julia and I, well, we’ve been wearing them since the days of American Apparel and/or before they were accessible,” Andalore said. “We could just go buy one with a mini skirt or leggings and go party. We didn’t even have to go home; we could just take a look and leave. That’s the beauty of bodysuits, there’s something easy about all of this.

The world is cluttered with an avalanche of options: what to watch, what to eat, who to love, where to go? There’s a compelling case for slicking your hair back, slipping on a warm little catsuit, and heading out into the night, unmolested.

“Why hide anything? Andalore said. “All aspects of all women’s bodies are beautiful!”

Just one question: How do you urinate?

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