Leanne Wong wins bronze on floor at 2021 World Championships

Team USA’s Leanne Wong finished third on floor at the 2021 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships to receive a bronze medal. This is his second honor in the competition after winning silver in this week’s all-around final. The Florida Gators rookie had a floor score of 13.833 in the Oct. 24 final, compared to 14.066 for Japanese gold medalist Mai Murakami and 14 for 2021 all-around world champion Angelina Melnikova. (Note: Murakami was originally in second place, but she regained a tenth after submitting a investigation of their difficulty score, and her total eventually exceeded Melnikova’s.)

It was Wong’s first world championships, and she shared with GymCastic after the competition that if she could have told herself a month ago how the world championships would go, she would have said that “the competition is really fun, but there are a lot of surprises everywhere, so you have to deal with anything. These surprises came in the form of falls for many gymnasts two rotations before the floor on beam final. Wong placed fourth there.

Coming up, check out photos and video of Wong’s bronze medal-winning performance. It executes art, power and balance. She told International Gymnast Online earlier this year that she was a fan of it. “ballerina type“routine choreographed by one of his coaches, Armine Barutyan. Wong begins with a massive double twist double backflip and ends with a high end double pike. competition (14.033) as well as the qualifying round (14), this October 24’s performance is still stunning.

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