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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi – Men’s jewelry can be a tricky subject. While women can pull off a whole range of adornments, from bling to balls, not all men feel comfortable wearing more than a watch, classy ring, or understated earring.

There was a time when men shied away from the very idea of ​​jewelry. The Vikings wore jewelry. Kings wore jewelry. Almost all of the important men in history wore silver and gold. However, in recent times there has been a change in attitude and men have embraced jewelry as well. If you still haven’t heard of the Salman Khan bracelet, you’ve lived under a rock.

Jewelry is always about balance and it’s for everyone. Do not wear an oversized stone on your ear or a chain thicker than your throat. The jewelry you wear should increase your self-confidence. You also need to decide what to wear when. If you work in a conservative office, don’t wear a dangling earring in one ear. Instead, opt for a subtle chain or tie bar. Tribal patterns do the trick and make a big impression, as do geometric styles.

In the world of men’s fashion accessories, bracelets are gaining popularity. When mixed with creativity, they exude not only style, but also meaning. Another great advantage of this accessory is that it can be combined with any outfit. Below are some suggestions from Ashish Vijay, Co-Founder and CFO –


These bracelets are simple, elegant and sophisticated. Comfort comes with simplicity and they can easily be paired with both casual and formal wear. The beads in the bracelets can be depending on your zodiac sign. Rudraksha beads are very popular in these types of bracelets.


A charm bracelet is extremely popular because it can be personalized. These bracelets signify a story or something related to the life of the wearer. Charm bracelets can be paired with casual wear or trendy formal outfits to look your best. The reason they are popular is that you can change the charms on your bracelet whenever you want. It’s easy to take them off and change the whole look.

SILVER BRACELETS: Bracelets are made in all types of metals, but silver is a top choice, especially with men who wear them with a religious belief. One can also engrave quotes from God or something personal on these bracelets. (IANS)


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